SARGE: The Strength Of The Beast

I’d like to give Entitlists (I know it’s not a real word) the same treatment as a golf ball (hit them very hard with a long, club-headed stick) but we must appear civilized. Notice I said “appear”. This differentiates between actually being civilized and looking like I am (which I’m not; always).

The three “children” in Florida who gave another boy, of a different race, a beat-down resulting in a broken arm and the severe trauma of knowing he’ll be marked in his school as an easy target for others of the same ilk are examples. To address the next bigoted, racist Sharpton/Jacksonian talking head to scream about referring to anybody as an “ilk” it simply means: “a certain type of person”. I’ll further refine the definition by saying the statement isn’t based on race or skin color; it’s based on the “children’s” pursuit of acceptance as thugs and abusive individuals packed together in a form of tribal unit empowered them to attack another “child” while en masse.

Why is there no outcry concerning these boys’ actions as an act of organized crime? They grouped together and battered the other boy as an act of concerted villainy designed to strike fear into the boy’s heart but, also to advise the rest of the school community they could and possibly would deliver the same treatment to others in the future. What entitles them to enhanced “understanding” because of the tenderness of their years and their inability to properly judge the consequences of their violent, disruptive and personally devastating acts? If you don’t know the difference between right and wrong by the time you’re 15 years old, there’s something wrong with your mama and daddy. They failed you, not society.

The apologists use excuses to “advocate” for “children” such as these. Yeah, right!

I asked a young man on his seventeenth birthday: “Do you think you can behave this way (meaning an immature manner and without regard for his responsibilities) or do you want to be treated as a young man in society?” His answer was interesting. “I want to be a man in the street and a child at home.” He legitimately believes he’s entitled to respect in society simply because he stands at urinals and knows how to have sex. That kind of thinking leads me to believe we’re screwed.

Ask any REAL men and I believe they’ll tell you; “nope, un-hunh, no way, fageddaboudit, it ain’t happening”.  REAL men know you earn respect in this world. Engendering fear in the hearts of your fellow men and women is NOT the equivalent of earning respect. Synonyms for respect are: regard, esteem, reverence, deference, honor, esteem venerate or revere.

What of these young men’s actions entitles them to “honor, esteem, veneration or reverence?”

Society’s apologists make excuses for the bad behaviors of the children in their world. Parents want absolution for not teaching the societal values leading to that personal “admiration, esteem, honor veneration and reverence”. The strength of the beast in our young is nurtured over the character of the individual. “Don’t let anybody walk over you because you’re (black, white, oriental, Nordic or hybrid, pick one). Be a man!” But there’s no real definition and exemplar of what a man is.

Parents failing to properly teach the importance of earning respect through righteous acts and conduct in public and private is what’s responsible for the behaviors led to the terrorism of an individual and the silent fears hardening in those weaker than this pack of animals attacked him.

Because the criminal apologizes he feels entitled to understanding and absolution for the trials he perceives he’s endure as a child and as an excuse for his wrongful acts. He’s actually entitled to the sentence doled out by a court representative of society and the victims bringing the case before the bar. The courts now accept the apologists and their belief in their entitlement to being apologized for.

The courts must stop lowering that bar so everybody can step over it. When they step over it as easily as they do; they’re stepping on you and your rights.

Think about that.

Thanks for listening.

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