Why Watching The Network Sunday Shows Is An Infuriating Waste Of Time

Here’s a perfect example of why you’re a lot better off going to church, or sleeping in, or watching movies, than to watch the Sunday news shows like the one with George the Greek on ABC. From yesterday’s edition…

That was 13 painful minutes of television, no?

Five members of the panel. One is a Republican congressman of the Tea Party variety (Louie Gohmert) and one is a grizzled veteran syndicated columnist representing what Sen. Ted Cruz calls the “Surrender Caucus” (George Will), who seems to delight in lecturing the Congressman about what is politically possible.

One is a Democrat congressman (Joaquin Castro) whose ideological orientation is fairly near to that of another political figure of a similar appellation in the Western Hemisphere, and one is a militant Hard Left Democrat political operative known for a spotty record of getting candidates elected and an often-unfortunate Twitter feed (Donna Brazile).

And one is a former press flack for Bill Clinton known for media dirty-tricks operations (George the Greek). He’s the moderator, by the way.

And the first half of the segment is about how infighting within the Republican Party means it can’t win in 2016 – with no mention whatsoever of the growing likelihood the Democrats will lose the Senate in next year’s cycle – complete with Will offering up electoral math which says that the Democrats have 242 electoral votes sewn up because they’ve won them in six straight presidential elections, and thus the GOP can’t do anything about it. Enter Brazile to push the hackneyed narrative that the Tea Party and hard-core conservative Republicans have pushed it so far out of the mainstream that it can’t survive – which is a narrative people like her, and maybe even she herself, have been pushing since 1980. Strange how the one hard-core conservative the GOP has nominated since that time won almost all of those 242 electoral votes Will thinks aren’t gettable, and he won them both in 1980 and 1984.

From there, Gohmert gets berated by the four other members of the panel on the question of defunding Obamacare, without a single mention of the fact that it’s about as popular as polio with the American people. Gohmert at least gets a good lick in by calling the president a liar, but that’s quickly brushed aside amid a discussion about how the suicidal conservatives want to shut down the government.

This is the Washington Establishment on display. Insulated, arrogant, biased, out of touch, babbling the same narratives it has for decades.

Kudos to Gohmert for tolerating that abuse. But his time would have been better served on a golf course or on a fishing boat.

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