The RNC Fires A Shot Across The Bow To NBC, CNN

The resolution passed unanimously at the party’s Boston meeting this morning. It reads as follows…

WHEREAS, former Secretary Hillary Clinton is likely to run for President in 2016, and CNN and NBC have both announced programming that amounts to little more than extended commercials promoting former Secretary Clinton; and

WHEREAS, these programming decisions are an attempt to show political favoritism and put a thumb on the scales for the next presidential election; and

WHEREAS, airing this programming will jeopardize will the credibility of CNN and NBC as supposedly unbiased news networks and undermine the perceived objectivity of the coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign by these networks; and

WHEREAS, Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC Entertainment, contributed the maximum amount to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign committee, contributed $25,000 to Obama’s 2012 Victory Fund, and this year contributed $10,000 to the Democratic National Committee; therefore be it –

RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee calls on CNN and NBC to cancel the airing of these political ads masked as unbiased entertainment; and, be it further

RESOLVED, that if CNN and NBC continue to move forward with this and other such programming, the Republican National Committee will neither partner with these networks in the 2016 presidential primary debates nor sanction any primary debates they sponsor, and, be it finally

RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee shall endeavor to bring more order to the primary debates and ensure a reasonable number of debates, appropriate moderators and debate partners are chosen, and that other issues pertaining to the general nature of such debates are addressed.

The party definitely wants less primary debates. In the 2012 cycle, the field chewed itself up with those debates; most of them were moderated by mainstream media types who don’t particularly have conservative principles at heart and therefore spent their time attempting to trap the candidates into unfortunate answers, and what happened was the narrative of “look how weak this field is with all the gaffe-prone dummy candidates.”

In truth, it was a weak GOP field. But it looked weaker for all the opportunities the candidates had to look terrible in unfriendly and artificial debate settings.

So some of this is for the party’s benefit. Less debates means more time on the stump and in regular TV appearances to give Republican candidates a chance to look good rather than awful. And in the event there isn’t a robust Democrat field, which is what the conventional wisdom says will be the case thanks to the Hillary-as-shoo-in narrative being built in the media, a vigorous debate calendar could well be destructive – the Republicans beat each other up and take turns getting clobbered by George the Greek or grunted at by John King while Hillary gets a coronation rather than a nomination fight.

So the RNC limits the debates, and one way to do that involves sticking it to CNN and NBC for their long history of media bias. CNN deserves what they get for what Candy Crowley did to Mitt Romney on the Benghazi question last year, while NBC…well, let’s just say NBC is nothing but Democrat propaganda and whatever the RNC can do to punish that network is fully justified.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth in the mainstream media on this will be over the top. But it’s a good move. Which is why the resolution passed unanimously.

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