I Want My Okie State Sex Story!

Gosh, I’m so hooked on the Sports Illustrated’s lil’ expose’ piece about how Les Miles was givin’ out free ones to recruits and stuff that I dunno what to do.

And today we were s’posed to see the really good part of the series. Today was s’posed to be Sexpose’ Day.

But there is no joy in Dirtville. So far, no sex from SI – unless you want to go get the swimsuit issue.

The fourth of a five-part series from Sports Illustrated on possible NCAA violations at Oklahoma State, which involve current LSU coach Les Miles, has yet to be published on the Internet.

Sports Illustrated said the story would be up on Si.com later this morning, but that did not happen.

Y’all know what this reminds me of? Y’all might have seen it already, but here it is…

Yeah, they’d been takin’ on some wind the last couple days from that series. The thing is, it ain’t been one o’ these “Wow, look at all the bad stuff Les Miles did at Okie State” kinda reactions.

It’s been more like “Dude, this is kinda a pack o’ lies, no?”

And then today it got kinda funny, because somebody decided to troll this Thayer Evans dude who helped put this mess together on Twitter…

That spread pretty quick. So naturally somebody had to pop the balloon

So he didn’t get fired. That would have been too deee-lishus.

But it doesn’t matter. The laughin’ continues…

UPDATE: Oh, wait – it did finally go up. Except there ain’t much to it. One thinks, because one can, that the lawyers musta got holt of it and gutted all the juicy stuff out so’s SI don’t get sued into the Typewriter Age.

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