SADOW: The Left Is Reduced To Shrieking About Tony Perkins’ Appointment To Some Commission

It was the Braindead Goes Wild when the larger world learned of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s appointment of Family Research Council Pres. Tony Perkins to a state commission, illustrating the intellectual bankruptcy of today’s liberalism and the surrender of any rational thinking by some homosexual support lobbies.

In April, Jindal tabbed Perkins to join the Commission on Law Enforcement as one of his 26 appointees to the 55-member body, which provides policy advice and direction on law enforcement and public safety issues. While the FRC is located in Washington, DC, Perkins still lives in Baton Rouge and is a former law enforcement officer and state legislator.

Unnoticed at the time, only last week did this raise any ruckus as groups that have advocated for special rights in public law for those who practice homosexuality condemned the decision ratified months ago, echoing the bigots that comprise the Southern Poverty Law Center that brand the FRC a “hate group.” This provided talking points parroted by the mainstream media and other hangers-on drinking the Kool-Aid.

For those not informed, the only impoverishment associated with the SPLC, which has assets of over $250 million, is in intellect. It’s infamous for its politicization of the definition of “hate group,” which essentially is any group that disagrees with its political agenda, that bears no resemblance to reality. It’s particularly instructive as to the total lack of credibility the SPLC has on this matter insofar as the FRC tries to promote public policy with a Christian worldview, a religious umbrella that promotes notions that the SPLC must find noxious such as love of neighbor, tolerance, practicing charity, etc.

And it’s also discredited by its reaction to when a genuine expression of hatred targeted Perkinas and the FRC. Last year a gunman walked into the group’s headquarters with the expressed intent of shooting as many as possible because he had done research on the Internet to determine the FRC was a “hate group.” Fortunately, only one person was injured, and the man sentenced to prison only 10 days ago. The act never was commented upon by the SPLC, nor any apology ever issued by it for its irresponsibility in propagating a falsehood that encourages wackos to put innocent lives at risk.

That some groups and those commenting about the appointment choose to emulate this language is not only their disgrace, but also speaks volumes about their lack of intellectual honesty and intellectual foundation that forms the basis of today’s liberalism, which rejects any well-reasoned argument in this policy sphere such as demonstrating why government should not subsidize same-sex marriage as the FRC maintains. Never logical in its exposition and its policy prescriptions repudiated both empirically and historically, liberailsm exists on the fumes of emoting rather than seeing the world for what it is. Thus, for example, rather than try to counter the strong arguments against same-sex marriage’s privileging by government with fact and logic, instead we get the 21st century equivalent of cries to burn witches at the stake through name-calling and the language of incitement.

To suggest that Perkins, as one nimrod did, should not be taken seriously for this position when his background and unfortunate recent experience make him eminently qualified for nomination in fact shows opponents using this language cannot be taken seriously. And it also signals that public policy options that seek to privilege by law those who desire to express homosexuality will continue to rely on the childish rather than mature thinking.

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