(VIDEO) If You Didn’t Catch Anything Else In Ted Cruz’ Filibuster…

…this is the part you’re going to want to see.

It goes about 10 minutes, and it’s the part in which Dick Durbin, the noxious, puffed-up ass who represents Illinois as its senior senator, accosts Cruz over the question of what he’s trying to accomplish with the speech (technically, this is just a really long speech rather than a filibuster, but nobody really cares about that).

And Durbin tries to slam Cruz over the fact he went to Princeton and Harvard. Then he touts the fact some manual laborer he met once is getting government health care.

What Cruz does to him in response is worth watching…

After this clip runs out, it actually gets even better. Durbin eventually brings up the Vitter amendment about removing the federal subsidy for Congress and its staff to purchase insurance on the Obamacare exchanges, and makes a wildly irresponsible claim that Cruz’ support of that amendment is tantamount to his wanting to screw over 150 million Americans who get employer-subsidized health insurance. But the response to that, which Cruz is aided in making by Sen. Jeff Sessions, is that those 150 million Americans are losing their insurance left and right because it’s too expensive for the employers to provide it thanks to the law – and Vitter’s amendment merely removes the protection from the marketplace that the President has sought to provide to the Beltway elite.

If we can find that clip we’ll update this post with it, because that’s the best part of the entire filibuster.

Oh, and we have a couple of things. First, Durbin…

durbin will not tangle

And second, anybody seen Mitch McConnell since he stabbed Cruz in the back? Cruz’ filibuster has gone viral and given C-SPAN sky-high ratings tonight, which McConnell isn’t capable of generating. Which leads us to this…

patton mcconnell



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