VIDEO: Elbert Guillory’s Talking About Termites Again

This has to drive Democrats absolutely crazy – to be called termites by a black Republican elected official. Guillory has picked that one up and he’s squeezing it for all it’s worth.

It’s a heck of an analogy, and a pretty good response given much of the Left’s Alinskyite/Cloward-Piven/Frankfurt School doctrine which essentially embraces the idea of sapping the market-capitalist society from within using its own institutions and standards against it.

Along comes this eloquent gentleman, with his sartorial flair, to call the Alinskyite Left what they are, and they can’t exactly call him a racist now, can they?

The only quibble we have with this is it’s a little bit gloomy. One thing we’re starting to become sensitive to is that the Right is in the process of convincing itself we’re in free-fall and we’ll never recover. You hear – and we’re plenty guilty of this on the Hayride, so you can stop with the “hey, he’s a hypocrite” already – that the financial collapse is upon us, that the culture is poison, that the younger generation has none of the virtues that made us great, that we’ve turned our backs on God, that our people are stupid and lazy, and so on.

There is truth in all of that.

There has always been truth in all of that.

There was lots of it the last time we had a crappy Democrat president with zero leadership skills and a gaggle of outright fools and psychopaths tagging along to run the government. By the time Jimmy Carter and his left-wing clown-show got ready to stand for re-election there were half a hundred American diplomats tucked away in an embassy in Tehran, caged up by a horde of stone-age barbarians and we could do nothing about it. The Soviet Union was rampaging through Afghanistan and propping up communist revolutions all over Central America. Our allies in Europe were contemplating the terms of their eventual surrender to the Dark Side since our continued capacity to perpetuate Pax Americana was in doubt. We were in the midst of a massive energy crisis, we introduced stagflation to the world and national morale was in the tank.

We’re better off than we were then. And worse. But what we know is that the right leadership, the right policies and the right dose of individual freedom and opportunity touched off a renaissance which banished those sad days of the late 1970’s to the history books.

And this needs to be our thinking. We need to believe in an America which is just as ascendant as it was in the 1980’s. That’s possible.

It’s possible when we have folks like Elbert Guillory willing to speak out for that America.

And if we’re going to critique this thing, that’s our take on it. More sunshine, less gloom. We’ll try to do the same around here.

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