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In a debate with a leading Democrat last year I made the point that to a great extent we Republicans were refusing to accept the expansion of Medicaid in Louisiana because we did not trust the promises made by President Obama. Trust is a fragile thing; to the public, trust in a political leader it is based upon promises made and promises kept, as well as the truthfulness of the politician.

President Obama promised that, if we choose to do so, we Americans could keep our insurance and our doctor. That has proven to be a disingenuous promise. He promised that our healthcare would cost on average $2,500 less than we were paying. That has proven to be just as disingenuous as in fact the actual costs will be in many cases a substantial increase. Trust is a fragile thing indeed.

Our faith in Federal institutions has been shaken to its very core. Congress is held to be in less esteem even than the President. The public image of Congress is that of a collection of self-centered politicians whose interests are not aligned with the best interests of the Country.

I am convinced that in fact the failures of Congress are actually reflective of the deep divisions amongst the American people. Congress isn’t broken; it is working exactly as it was designed, a structure of checks and balances.  There is an almost even split amongst citizens, those who trust in the current Democrat leadership and those who do not. This will not change until the American people reach a more sustainable consensus on the future direction of the Country.

President Obama has been very honest in his political philosophy, even as he has been disingenuous in his political rhetoric. He is an unabashed extreme left wing Democrat committed to bringing America to a new place. His vision is of a progressive American Utopia and it is grounded upon his life experiences as a community organizer in poor areas of Chicago. Based upon his actions, it is clear that his beliefs are that the entrepreneurial capitalism model that has evolved in America is evil and must be cashiered in favor of a strong central government model. Under such a worldview, the all-consuming goal is to create “fairness” as defined by government and to bring an end to poverty through government edict and the redistribution of wealth. This is the antithesis of the socio-economic model that Americans believe in and its abrupt implementation frightens a vast number of her citizens.

The President’s Utopian philosophy is just as deeply embedded in the Democrat Party and its leaders. It has only been a few short years since his ally, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, published “It Takes a Village”. The premise of her tome almost exactly mirrors the espoused philosophy of the President; big government is the answer to all social issues and must be trusted. Of course, there is also a sub-text that citizens must trust in the leadership of the Democrat Party, but they are the Party that brought us Obamacare and “we have to pass it in order to know what is in it”, the disaster at Benghazi, the IRS scandals, and the NSA scandals.

Even more than their words, the actions of the President and leading Democrats illustrate that they are obsessed with a fundamental goal that America’s citizens must abandon their strongly rooted beliefs in the principles that created the incredible success that has been the United States. In lieu of those principles they would then re-direct our country toward the failed socio-economic model of collectivism. Their problem though is that this a model for which there can be no unifying trust as it cannot be shown to have been successful anywhere that it has been implemented. As a result, in order to hide their end game, they have consciously elected to take advantage of the trust freely granted by the citizens by distorting the facts and making outrageous statements. In other words the end justifies the means, no matter the cost.

These fabrications were, for a time, successful in that they have brought the political direction of our Country to a cross road. Our nation has become split almost evenly between those who trust President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party and those who did not accept that trust. Based upon a narrow majority of citizens, the Democrat vision seemed to be prevailing; the old America was discredited and the Utopian America was in the ascendency. People were willing to sacrifice all of their Country’s historic success simply because they desperately wanted to trust the President.

But trust is truly a fragile thing. The recent news revelations concerning the veracity of the President and his recently retired Secretary of State may have proven to be their undoing. Because it was based upon the sincere trust of the American people, a trust that is now wavering, the ability of the President and Hillary Clinton to impose their vision may be permanently dashed. Polls indicate that the President’s supporters are faltering and perhaps have finally recognized that they have mis-placed their faith in him. I am optimistic that the American people now fully recognize the folly of their ways and a return to the path that has led our Country to greatness is inevitable.

How ironically this near tragedy for our Country has played out; a President and his Party elected and then re-elected because of trust placed in them by the citizens, only to be undone by simple truth.

The American people freely grant trust, but that trust is fleeting once the citizens recognize that they have been deceived.

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