George Will: Obama’s Second Term’s The Worst Ever, Outside Of Nixon

Via Hot Air, Will offers up one of the more succinct assessments of how bad things are for the current president…

Amazingly, the big Washington narrative appears to be the “conundrum” the Republicans are in over what to do now that Obama’s lies and incompetence have sent the health insurance market into chaos. Namely, there is the question of whether Republicans in the House and Senate should be pushing legislation like the “Keep Your Plan” act by Ron Johnson in the Senate and Fred Upton in the House, which brings back the health insurance plans which were non-compliant with Obamacare and are being dissolved at the first of the year.

The problem is that just making those plans legal again doesn’t reinstate them. Insurance companies have to make the decision to reissue them, and that might not be economically viable to do in all cases. So that legislation doesn’t exactly fix the problem, and what’s worse is that when many of those plans are not re-offered (and – pay attention, Mary Landrieu – it would be thoroughly unconstitutional for the federal government to force them to re-offer those plans) the Democrats will simply amp up their demonization of the insurance companies as the reason for why Obamacare doesn’t work – in pursuit of the single-payer system they wanted all along.

On the other hand, keep-your-plan legislation is a partial repeal of Obamacare. And each piece you can chip off of Obamacare before it destroys the private health care market is progress. And Obama will defend his legislation to the hilt, so whatever way you can put pressure on Senate Democrats to undo his work has value. Forcing a vote on a keep-your-plan law is a way to put Democrats into a conundrum – a Mary Landrieu can vote for a keep-your-plan, and have it pass only to be vetoed, and it doesn’t help her at all with the voters. Or she can vote against it and be unsympathetic to the folks her favorable Obamacare vote has hurt, and that doesn’t help her either.

Or it can pass and Obama can sign it, and it will minimize the damage Obamacare is doing to the private insurance market – if only a little.

The truth is, the fix for Obamacare isn’t in Washington. It’s at the state level. What’s needed is a lot of liberalization of the insurance market at the state level which decreases the cost of medical care, increases the availability of doctors, increases the sphere of health insurance offerings.

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