Ron Johnson’s Awesome Retort To Obama’s ‘Apology’ For Lying

Last night, President Obama issued what is being rather poorly received as an apology for having guaranteed that nobody who likes their health insurance would lose it as a result of his signature presidential achievement.

The best response so far seems to have come from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), who in an interview with local conservative website this morning had this to say…

Johnson’s exactly right – saying you’re sorry because there were bad effects to things you said and did is not a true apology, because unless you accept that the things you said and did caused the harm you say you’re sorry for, there’s no real contrition in your statement. And the analogy of running over someone’s dog with your car and then apologizing for the fact the dog died without recognizing you’re the one who killed the dog is a great analogy.

Erick Erickson noted it’s an imperfect analogy for Obama, though…

Ron Johnson’s analogy is perfect and could only be improved by changing “ran it over” to “ate it.”

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