Gobsmacking, Mind-Exploding Dishonesty In Mary Landrieu’s New Ad

Welcome to 30 seconds of alternate reality, but you’ll have to try very hard not to undergo a psychotic break during the show.

Here’s Mary Landrieu, doing a touchdown dance about how she authored a bill that would “fix” Obamacare…

We can dispense with the fact that Landrieu’s vote was the one which made Obamacare possible; everybody knows that. We can also dispense with her multiple statements to the effect that she’d vote for it again. Everybody knows that, too.

Since everybody knows that, one wonders who Mary thinks she’s going to move by touting her efforts to “fix” Obamacare, as though she bears no responsibility for trashing the health care system and putting some 100,000 – and counting – Louisianans out of their insurance coverage.

Obviously, people who have absolutely no idea what’s been going on over the last four years, that’s who.

But for folks who would like to counter that ad – there’s only one question you’d need to ask, and it’s this: where’s Mary’s bill going? Is it on the Senate calendar? When’s the vote on it going to be? When does her fix kick in?

Answer – ain’t happening. There will be no vote on her bill. She’s had her Obamacare vote, and she blew it. Those policies she’s bragging she’s bringing back are gone, and they’re not coming back. That’s on her record, and she can’t fix it.

Those are the facts. Playing to the ignorant and the clueless doesn’t change them, though that looks like her strategy to be re-elected.



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