New NRSC Ad: Mary’s Up To Her Butt In Alligators, Or Something

It’s entitled “The Lurking,” and actually what it says is that you’re the one with all the alligators to deal with.

The long and short of the ad is your health insurance is in deep doo-doo thanks to Obamacare, and Landrieu cast the deciding vote for that destructive bill. And while you’re stuck in the swamp with the alligators, she’s running around saying she’s got nothing to worry about…

This comes a day after the state GOP put out a missive growling about Mary’s latest affirmation of that Obamacare vote…

Yesterday, in an interview with WAFB, Mary Landrieu once again doubled down on her support for Obamacare, insisting that she would vote for it again if given the chance.

Landrieu said, “The Affordable Care Act, as I said, the bill itself, it’s got very good concepts. And yes, I would support it again.” (WAFB, 12/4/13)

“This goes to show just how out of touch Senator Landrieu has become,” LAGOP spokesperson Ryan Cross said. “Obamacare is widely unpopular in Louisiana and Mary is doubling down on it while other liberal Democrats are running away from it.”

In October of this year, Landrieu declared on the floor of the Senate that if her constituents don’t like Obamacare, they can “unelect” her.

“If they do not like it, they can unelect us. Believe me, they will have a great chance because I am up for reelection right now. They will be able to do that,” Landrieu said. (Sen. Mary Landrieu, Floor Remarks, 10/12/13)

Contrary to promises made by Senator Landrieu, in November Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon announced that 92,739 Louisiana residents received insurance cancellation notices due to Obamacare.

“If you like the insurance that you have, you’ll be able to keep it,” Landrieu said in 2009. (MSNBC’s Hardball, 12/16/09)

An article by the National Journal quoted Democratic pollster Mark Mellman, who’s working for Landrieu saying, “You want to prevent your race from being about Obamacare. If you enable your race to be about Obamacare, you’re making a mistake.”

Obamacare is deeply unpopular in Louisiana, with only 33.6 percent favoring the law and 59 percent who oppose it. (Southern Media & Opinion Research Poll, 600 LV, 4.0% MoE, 11/6-12/13)

“Perhaps Senator Landrieu should listen to her pollster,” Cross said. “Obamacare is a failed policy and Louisiana residents want to see it repealed. They also want a Senator who will double down and protect their values, not those of Washington politicians and President Obama.”

There’s another poll out there on Landrieu’s re-election which isn’t public, but it has Landrieu sitting well below 40 percent and without a lead on Bill Cassidy. Many people thought the 41 percent she polled in last month’s SMOR survey was her floor; turns out it isn’t.

Perhaps because of that fact, she’s doubling down on Obamacare. Hot Air’s Allahpundit

Realistically, if you voted for this Chernobyl, there’s nowhere to run from it. Pryor can claim that he was brainwashed by liberals or that the Lord opened his eyes or whatever, but conservatives aren’t going to punish him less if he convinces them he was a dupe of the left rather than a knowing participant. Landrieu’s making a rational wager here: If Obama can’t right the ship before next November, she’s finished no matter what she does to try to distance herself from ObamaCare. As is Pryor, of course. If he can right the ship and the law becomes less of a political liability, she’ll win the gratitude (and donations) of liberals for having stood by the program through trying times and even, I think, some grudging respect from centrist conservatives for not running from her record in a desperate moment. Either way, there is no spin for what’s coming. Her fate is largely out of her hands. Might as well embrace the suck and hope for the best.

Nobody thinks the Obamacare ship is going to be righted. But Allah’s conclusion is probably the correct one – particularly given that Landrieu’s bill purporting to require that insurance companies to reinstate their policies Obamacare has killed still hasn’t gotten a hearing in the Senate and now certainly won’t get one until all of those policies have expired.

She can’t stand between Obamacare’s friends and its enemies and claim to be a moderate, as was her attempt once it became obvious what a failure she’d signed on for. So faced with the choice whether to back her vote or repudiate it, she’s chosen to back it.

That’s a losing strategy. But given her lack of credibility should she all of a sudden become a conservative on health care policy, she has no winning strategy anymore. And at least by embracing the suck, in Allahpundit’s words, she’s going to keep the flow of left-wing cash coming into her campaign.

She’ll need it, because it’s going to take a lot of ad money to create the kinds of distractions she’s got to come up with to paper over that Obamacare vote.



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