Hey, How About Some Funny Dog Videos?

MacAoidh was just gripin’ to me today about how there’s nothin’ much happening this week an’ how it’s gonna be kinda boring tryin’ to blog about nothin’.

An’ he’s got a point. After all, how interesting can Mandela’s funeral be? All the anti-American commies will be there, and if you’re not suitably said he’s off to that great Ugly Shirt Store In The Sky then you’re A Bad Person.


Nothin’ much goin’ on in Loozyana right now. LSU’s got Iowa in the Out Back Bowl, but not for three weeks or whatever. An’ the Saints done blew up Carolina last night, but that was in the Dome. If they could play all of ’em in the Dome they’d never lose a game. We know all that.

An’ they’re runnin’ around with lotsa rumors that Nickels Saban is gettin’ dimes in Texas. So much so that they’re all over that Flight Aware site lookin’ at a private jet that went from Tuscaloosa to Austin and was there all day – which is, y’know, proof Saban’s got paint swatches picked out for his new office that Mack Brown’s got security guards runnin’ him out of.

Or something.

That, plus there’s like three new people nobody’s ever heard of who say they’re gonna run for the Senate against Mary Landrieu. Except none of ’em have ever run for much of anythin’. Never occurred to anybody that maybe you oughta actually get good at politics before you run for the U.S. Senate, I guess. Anyhow, that don’t make for great bloggin.’

So it’s a slow week. Fine. I can handle a slow week. Slow weeks are what I do.

An’ if I can rip off my man Montell Jordan a little, this is how I do it, dog.

You wanna see a Welsh Corgi who likes runnin’ on a carousel? Well, I’m glad you asked – cuz I got one…

How about another one o’ those Welsh Corgis? I think this one’s name is Travis Bickel – he’s always sayin’ “You talkin’ to me?”

OK, well, here’s a boxer.

Y’know why there aren’t any boxers in the army? I’ll tell ya – cuz when they’re in the foxholes and the artillery’s comin’ in, the sergeant yells “Get down!” and they all get up and start dancin’.

Here’s proof. See?

They sure can adopt a regal pose, tho…

Somethin’ else about ’em – they ain’t real articulate. And it’s not for a lack of tryin’.

Remember that whole thing about letting sleepin’ dogs lie? They invented that before people had video cameras on their phones.

I like the last guy in this.

For a finale? How ’bout a lil’ slo-mo action of a Shar Pei shakin’ himself?

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