The Anal Jihad Fatwa Video

Watch this (it’s not graphic), try not to get too grossed out at the idea of sodomy as training for bombs-up-the-butt jihad, and ask yourself whether there is any value in a religion where something like this is seriously discussed…

Can we first agree that if you have to put a bomb up your butt to be a suicide bomber, you shouldn’t be a suicide bomber? Yes, yes, you shouldn’t be a suicide bomber in the first place – but this would be the worst way to be a suicide bomber.

And can we agree, beyond that point, that if you need to “train” for this kind of activity it doesn’t require you to get “help” from your buddies – in fact, that you’re asking for permission to engage in something expressly forbidden by the Koran when there are other ways to conduct such “training” is a pretty good indication that you’re more interested in the “training” than the ultimate goal? And that what these clowns are really asking for is permission from the sheikh to engage in “man-love Thursday” so long as they can ultimately finish with a flourish and kill infidels in the bargain?

What a sick culture. If this is what Islam produces, none of us should have the slightest reason to hesitate in condemning it as barbarism and greatly discouraging its spread among the civilized nations of the world.



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