SARGE: It’s New Year’s Eve And I Got Nothin’

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’ve got nothin’.  No plans, no drive, no goals and certainly no ambition to start listing resolutions I’ll never successfully accomplish. Not even the one about being a better person. I’ll probably always be described by at least one person in my family as an a##hole so why bother trying to get past the fact I have lousy taste in Christmas gifts. (By the way, that relative will probably be Bruce. Mom always liked him best.)

HEY! Socks are perfectly acceptable for Christmas giving. It’s not my fault I’ve forgotten to mail them the last eighteen or nineteen years. Get over it! (Maybe I should wash them first. They’re not really too badly worn.)


Obama left the scene for Hawaii again for a multi-million dollar vacation. I couldn’t leave the scene for any vacation. I’m retired and living on a restricted income. The bloody thing isn’t a “fixed income” other than the fact the feds made sure it’s “fixed” so I can’t enjoy the traveling I once wanted to do. Waiting until Saturday to do my grocery shopping, mall crawling and movie going isn’t the way I’d planned on spending my “golden” years. Regularly replacing the newly purchased butter because it melted in and all over the back seat of my five year old car has made me much healthier thanks to the fact I must ride my bicycle two miles to replace it from the inflation challenged inventory of the local “Stop-n-Rob”.

Forget buying ice cream. It seems the production of lactating cows has taken on an expense rivaling nuclear energy production and constructing aircraft carriers. It too has graced my upholstery as an undulating and souring mass of coagulant bovine fats. The smell is horrible. But, it made me appreciate electric windows after the skyscraping cost to repair them was realized.

So; I got nothin’.

John Kerry is still an idiot hell-bent on selling out his country and Hilary Clinton has evidently found enough blood in her icy veins to thin out so she can start her run for the Outhouse. I’m sorry. I meant the White House. No matter. They presently smell alike.

Congress has hatched a new series of political wannabees. They poke their noses through their shells like little Alli-croco-gator-diles crawling from the interior. Then they start chirping for their congressional mama and daddy-gator-diles so they can be sheltered and guided toward their first kills among the American citizenry foolish enough to not turn them into Alli-croco-gator-dile Sushi at birth.

In other words smite the beasts before they (congressmen) grow fully feral.

But no; as Congress in general has the lowest approval ratings in history; individually everybody stills lies enamored of their personal congressional representatives. They love them so much in fact they’ll switch from the supine to the prone position allowing quicker access to the other “nether region” to assure the most memorable and loving position for the act by the WHOLE of congress. The fact is the American public is behaving as though they’re threaded cylindrical pins or rods with a head at one end, being engaged at their personal black-hole and used as a fastener for applying power when activated at the end by applying torque to join the two units in congress. This is not necessarily a good thing. (YOU figure it out!)

So; I got nothin’.

Al Qaeda, through its Chechen affiliate The Associated Muslim Society of Baby Killing Turds, has successfully Suicide/Homicide Bombed targets in Russia at least twice in the past few days. How’s that working’ for ya Vlad? Does that wacko-crazy guy insurgency genocide thing you and your former KGB buddies once advocated sting a little now that it’s your people getting vaporized as they innocently wait for trains, buses and school to start? Vlad? Do you still believe and agree with your sock-puppet, Obama, (and his cheerleaders at the New York Times) Al Qaeda is on the run and therefore, is somehow manageable? Maybe you and Socko-Obama do, but you both look pretty stupid at the moment. But, what do I know?

I got nothin’.

Happy New Year and Thanks for Listening.

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