SARGE: The Defining Element

Whores use prostitution to serve their needs as best they may. (Mehtug Mishe – Nipmuc Sachem Wannabee)

Prostitute (transitive verb: to use something of value, such as talent in a way that is not appropriate or respectable and especially to earn money: 2. To devote to corrupt or unworthy purposes: (a person who deliberately debases his/her talents as for money or power.

whore n. 1. A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain. 2. (intra. verb) To compromise one’s principles for personal gain.

Whenever it’s necessary to define a word or concept we look to as many different authorities as possible to find the best description conveying the fundamental character and meaning of a word, phrase, or term. It requires the act or process of stating the PRECISE meaning or significance and formulation of that meaning. Therefore the above definitions are offered to explain the concepts of prostitution and whoredom without having anything indicative of immoral sexual activity even though the tax-paying citizenry composing an electorate are getting screwed regularly.

With an incredible sense of Deja-vu, that creepy feeling you’ve been somewhere, or done something before in the exact manner as you‘re doing it in the moment we offer these observations. In a copyrighted piece authored by Jake Sherman, Anna Palmer and John Bresnahan on 12-11-2013 and in POLITICO (the on-line news source) and displaying the headline: GOP’S PRIVATE WAR GOES PUBLICthe internecine warfare being conducted for the leadership and ideological heart of the Republican party is reported.

We checked the Thanks for Listening archives and stumbled over the October 22nd entry: Combat Conservatives.

That commentary reflected our thoughts on the Republican Party hierarchy, their defense of their positions and privileges, and tried to explain their positions are understandable but not acceptable. Today, we find nothing has changed. John Boehner, and now Paul Ryan, have shown their strong desire to capitulate, spelunk (explore caving-in) and surrender their responsibility to the conservative elements of the American public so as to NOT be seen as obstructionist and thus, in jeopardy of being replaced by conservatives of a more fundamental belief.

John Boehner accused Heritage Action, the Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity and other outside conservative groups of “using our members and they’re using the American people for their own goals.”

“Combat Conservatives” said then and maintains the stance that Mitch McConnell and now John Boehner are willing to sacrifice conservative principles to ensure their positions in the party hierarchy at the expense of the American economy and those people most regularly assigned to support it; the middle class. Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Paul Ryan are presenting a conciliatory image; they go along (regularly) to get along. The proof of this mushy performance is in the number of legislative acts passed with only token resistance by the Republican hierarchy.

It’s fact the Republican Party needs and wants desperately to overcome the Democrat Party majority in the Senate. In order to accomplish this, the GOP must not “make waves”. Making waves is defined as being seen as obstructionist on budget matters and possibly causing a government shut-down based on principles these specific men NO LONGER hold. They’ve sold their political souls to ensure no losses where their thirty pieces of silver are concerned.

We won’t insult Judas with the comparisons so easily drawn. But, Benedict Arnold and Charles Lee more easily come to mind. Everybody knows Arnold as a traitor who turned his coat for money and titles. But Charles Lee was an unkempt, narcissistic, self-centered little man believing himself a superior tactician than George Washington. As is mentioned in TOWNHALL Magazine (vol.6 number 12):”Lee took credit for the victory at Sullivan’s Island, though if his orders had been followed the outcome would have been different. He refused to come to Washington’s aid and wrote letters to high level American officials complaining of Washington’s leadership”.

Sound and look familiar?

Charles Lee was captured by the British, the moral equivalent of unmasking the Republican Party’s duplicity and capitulation on a regular basis. While Lee’s capture was seen at the time as a disaster, it rid Washington of a contentious, self-serving, scurrilous brigand deserving neither rank nor recognition in history beyond serving as an excellent example of what NOT to be.

The same can be said of Boehner, McConnell and Ryan.

Senate Conservatives Fund executive Director Matt Hoskins said:  “John Boehner has apparently decided to join Mitch McConnell in the war on conservatives…,” “McConnell called us fringe traitors who should be locked in a bar and punched in the nose, and now Boehner is lashing out at us too. Conservatives everywhere need to understand that the party’s leadership has declared war on them. If they don’t fight back, they will always regret it. We’re going to hang together or hang separately.” (Politico 12-12-2013)

Fundamentalist conservatives are demanding the Republican Party re-establish its conservative principles. Individuals are and always will be in it for themselves as long as they’re allowed to indulge in conflicts of interest including legislative control over their pay, their privileges and positions. Nothing will overcome the animal’s drive to protect his/her individual ranking in the herd, horde or pack.

In this case, conservatives of a more strict and literal belief in government of the people, by the people and for the people appear no more than the next prey to be downed, destroyed and devoured for the betterment of the pack.

In finality it’s suggested we look at one thing said in Combat Conservatives”: The Republican Party does not define conservatism. Conservatism should define the Republican Party”.

Think about what you’re watching at this time.

Thanks for listening.



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