SARGE: Crap Sandwich

The politics of this nation has lead us to believe America has come close, because of some form of political drift, to taking residence in that underworld ruled by Hades. It’s the only thing makes sense as we have Democrats acting as Democrats do and pushing Socialist ideas as the way to assure everybody has at least a minimum stolen from them by their government and then given to somebody else. Add to the mix mush-melons like John Boner and Bitch McConnell trying desperately to save their political privileges and positions by assenting to anything and everything the Democrats place on their plates at dinner, and you can understand the sour attitude.

As a child I was given a morning meal of milk and soaked bran. Some call it gruel. Others call it porridge. I called it and still do call it cruel. Having the equivalent of a glass of milk and a whey compound guaranteed to supply a daily dose of Montezuma’s Revenge assured I’ll never touch a bowl of this crud again. I decided I’ll starve first. But when you come to think of it I didn’t starve and I wouldn’t starve but I sure despised the meal.

And that’s where the American people are as we pull our chairs to sit at the table. We’re regularly offered a tasteless, substandard (and at times it seems) waste producing meal nobody but the already malnourished want. Those kicking in the means to acquire this crud are left wanting something more in alignment with what they’ve earned for their efforts.

But, the fat-cats sitting at the head of the table assure they’ll get and keep the meat and potatoes keeping them overweight and satiated for what they delegate to themselves.

It’s almost comical to watch a progressive Republican trying to make us swallow the idea they sacrifice as much as we and they know our “pain”. John Boehner in his multi-thousand dollar suits doesn’t really carry it off anymore. McConnell and Ryan are losing their sheen as well. You can polish a pig’s skin as long as you want and you still have a pig’s butt in your hands.

Boehner and Ryan now want us to ingest the newest “Budget” developed by the bipartisan committee headed by Patti Murray and Paul Ryan. They feel it’s a good compromise. Many such as I recognize it as another capitulation on the part of Republicans and another rip-off pushed on us by the Democrats.

The ONLY reason this crap sandwich is sitting on our plates is because there’s another government shutdown deadline looming on the storm broadcasting horizon. This NEW deadline was predicted to be a reality when the last deadline was passed and the government was declared “shut-down”. A bunch of hooey was done to show how much we needed government in order to survive.

Open-air monuments were cordoned off. Veterans who fought for us and paid for these monuments were prohibited by Obama and his clowns from visiting.  Duplicative bureaucrats were sent home to await retroactive pay checks delayed because the postal service slowed. (Who noticed?) And furloughs were handed out by sad-faced supervisors desperately in fear of doing some work again. But Obama kept traveling. Boner and McConnell kept sniffing Harry Reid’s butt for the latest intelligence of what he wanted while America unwrapped another crap sandwich.

Now the political gourmands are balancing on wobbly chairs representing another “deadline” and re-election is threatened by the next course offered. It’s possible the entrenched recognize the menu awaiting they await may sicken them if they don’t do something; like create a bogus and worthless budget “saving” little more than 2 Billion dollars per year for ten years.

Oh gee! We may not be able to finish the next thought directed aviation boondoggle on time so we can combat box-cutter armed nutcases suffering falafel breath induced halitosis. But it surely isn’t going to help with the American public’s need to see real leadership from our incumbents.

Many paying attention expect no better than what we see now. We‘ve decided false advertising and political chicanery isn’t really filling or pleasant to swallow any longer.

Thanks for listening.



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