SARGE: Bill Clinton Can Kiss My Fat Acetabulum

Former President Bill Clinton said he “strongly” endorsed Bill de Blasio’s campaign promise to tackle inequality in New York as he swore in his former aide as the city’s 109th mayor on Wednesday, calling the yawning gap between rich and poor “a moral outrage.”  (Politico 1-2-2013)

Bill Clinton’s moral outrage at inequality and its “yawning gap between rich and poor” is funnier than a Seinfeld monologue. I almost spit up my Cappuccino constructed with an extra shot of outrageous irony and a healthy dollop of severe sardonicism.

It would be easier to accept the concept of “moral outrage” from Monica’s boyfriend if he wasn’t sporting a $5000.00 suit and a $500.00 dollar haircut.

Have you ever noticed the greatest advocates of Marxist, Progressive ideology always have millions to spare; but don’t. Oh, they give to their favorite charities but, you can also rest assured they claim every penny on their income tax annually. They can evenly re-distribute their wealth by claiming a deduction. Isn’t that grand? Don’t you share their pain as they self-righteously contribute what Peter has earned to Paul; a profligate not wanting to work?

These people claim charity but only in a manner allowing absolution from the pain associated with honest giving. There’s NO duress of personal disenfranchisement. There’s NO giving they don’t balance against an acceptable deduction they grant themselves through legislation slanted toward their personal gain. They assure they get back what they give.

Bill Clinton is a liar and a thief. He lied; perjured himself for his personal preservation and gain and then has the temerity to proclaim himself morally superior to ANYBODY!? He deliberately tried to slaughter the reputation of a civil servant, after he’d tried to force her into a morally corrupt and illicit affair outside of his marriage; and he claims moral outrage?

Clinton stole the trust and confidence of the American people; that same trust and confidence we find forever shattered and strewn across the American political landscape. We understand Clinton is the derivative archetype of all that’s wrong with Progressive political endeavor and partisan greed for absolute power achieved through the power of absolutism.

Clinton and his other progressively radical cohorts: the Howard Deans, the Schumers, the Pelosis and the Reids; all pseudo-conservatives like McConnell, Boehner, Cantor and the like together scream and screed for “POWER TO THE PEOPLE” while distinctly indicating through their actions – “as long as they’re like us!”

That caveat must always be understood. We the people are tools scattered deliberately in the bottom of a deep, deep toolbox. We’re kept in the dark where our tears of growing insolvency from continual over- taxation combines with the diminishment and deprivation of our rights to corrode the appearance of our true belief in giving from a clean heart for the betterment of those having less than us. We look disused and replaceable with the next Louisiana-like Purchase we finance in the name of insuring the poor. What’s really happening is the insolvent are being assured they’ll not do without that which they’ve never earned. We’re forced to work for their benefit. That assures the Clintons, the DeBlasios, the Pelosis and Reids; the McConnells, the Boehners and Cantors maintain their sense of nobles obliges and aristocratic pretension remains intact.

Saying Bill Clinton is morally outraged is like saying Nero was a statesman. NO facts support the statement. The statement’s so ludicrous as to be dismissible on its utterance. People of this ilk: demonstrably and essentially dishonest, smarmy and duplicitous deserve NO attention from the American people. These political poseurs will say ANYTHING, promise everything and deliver precious little to those most responsible for their election to high office.

Witness the present worthless, ineffective, incompetent and politically challenged group of self-serving ineffectual elected clots restricting the forward movement of the American people and you’ll understand the effect Progressive political inbreeding has on national fiscal and foreign policies. The incompetent lead the blind on a march led by men and women not have a moral leg to stand on while showing no true charity to those they bilk daily.

Bill Clinton’s (with his “moral outrage”) can kiss my fat acetabulum.

Thanks for listening.

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