Welcome To Da City Of Brotherly Love

Kick a field goal and beat dem Iggles, and your fans in the stands won’t get to show much enthusiasm without gettin’ a loogie hocked in their faces.

It’s not exactly a D battery wrapped in a snowball, but hey – it wasn’t snowin’. Best they could do.

And the guy was pretty polite, all things considered. He told the Who Dat exactly what was gonna happen, and then he was good as his word.

Plus, the guy’s prolly a big sci-fi fan. He’s just rehearsin’ that famous scene from Dune, that’s all…

UPDATE: The Twitters flesh this whole thing out.

The dude with the video is Nick Scelfo, who’s in college. He’s in college at Nicholls State. And it so happens he plays tight end at Nicholls State, and he’s 6-4 and 235 pounds.

The spittin’ Iggles fan didn’t look 6-4 an’ 235 to me.

So here’s Scelfo’s initial shout-out of what’s comin’…

Somebody decided to go all keyboard commando on him…

Then this…

scelfo fight

Whether there really was a fight or not, I dunno.

But he at least made that Iggle famous.

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