SARGE: Trickle-Down Politics

Trickle-down theory” is a term in United States politics attributed to Will Rogers, who said during the Great Depression that “money was all appropriated for the top in hopes that it would trickle down to the needy.

Hey! Guess what! We’ve got another major fiscal deadline coming directly at us like the “World Killer” asteroid Bruce Willis saved us from with his overwhelming heroism in the blockbuster movie, Armageddon. And just like all the prior asteroid movies before Armageddon (1998) they were called apocalyptically, Deep Impact (1998), Asteroid (1997), Meteor (1979) and the seminal effort at this form of cinematic entertainment, The Day the Sky Exploded (1958) we’re being told by John Boehner we must accept the Democrats’ demands for an extension of our national debt limit.

Boehner and his party-loyal butt-kissing sycophants are willing to further diminish their influence on the Senate by taking the bone offered them by Harry Reid, licking their lips and slinking off to complain there’s no other action they could take without being blamed for another government shut-down. That shut-down did nothing but inconvenience taxpayers because OBAMA and his crew shut things down selectively affecting taxpayers. OBAMA and his sludge merchants effectively suffered no losses and government continued doing what government does best; feed off the self-induced limitations and frailty of the Republican Party and the feebleness of their attempts at confronting the Democrats’ spendthrift ways. Government exists much like a remora skimming crud from the shark’s skin. Parasites always survive. We understand this.

Boehner and his toadies want a “clean” debt ceiling increase one with NO demand for restrictions on ObamaCare. One brownnoser, Representative Tim Griffin (R-Ark) said: “We can talk about the land of glitter and unicorns all you want,” said Rep. Tim Griffin (R-Ark.). “But at the end of the day we’re going to vote in reality. We’re going to live in reality.” They expect to make gains after the mid-term elections. The program is “wait and see”. That’s a stupid way to engage an enemy.

Here’s a reality for you Timmy. You, and Boehner, are fast losing the support of the American Conservative Movement. It’s not because you’re political realists. It’s because you’re cowards too stupid and impotent to fight for what we believe in: government of the people, by the people and for the people and not one party over all.

You can continue to whine and complain about the media not being on your side. It doesn’t wash anymore. There’s a militant group of Combat Conservatives© willing to blog, video-blog and Internet advertise that Democrats, and now Republicans, are anti-constituent and in “reality” (as you so glibly note as the address you claim as your abode) stand ready to condemn your mealy-mouthed pronouncements and prognostications.

We know it’s not considered politically correct to speak in this manner to a seated member of Congress. We don’t care about your feelings on the matter anymore than you apparently care about how we feel. But, there’s a difference between us you fail to appreciate: we’re free to attack and use your own acts against you politically. We’re able to strike against both sides of the two-headed coin being used to decide our fate when flipped by the vagaries of an uniformed electorate.

You people are steadily displaying a form of “trickle down politics”. It’s also noted you and yours are influenced by the Guar Gum used to bind your narrative into what you advertise as the most palatable glop to be deposited in our bowl like Oliver endured in Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Guar is a water soluble substance used as a bulk-forming laxative effectively causing regular bowel movements. It’s non-nutritive. You’ve added it to the scenery you’ve painted for this interminable melodrama constantly offered to scare people. Unfortunately, while you’re continually chewing the scenery you’re ingesting the Guar you wove into the fabric. It’s making you orally incontinent by feces.

That leg bound “trickle-down effect” is what the American public suffers from as you cramp up and drizzle. You all keep crapping on us and you keep expecting we’ll do nothing about it. The times are changing.

We deserve better.

Thanks for listening.

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