VIDEO: Watch Moron Sheila Jackson Lee Abuse The Legislative Process

When you see Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the blithering idiot congresswoman from Houston, prattle on about policy there are often two competing thoughts in your head (assuming, unlike Jackson Lee, you have the capacity for thought). The first is that she’s hilarious, and that the stupidity of the things she says makes her harmless.

But the second is horror that someone this vapid and bumbling could find her way to the U.S. Congress, and fear that at some point someone might listen to her.

It’s the second thought which struck us while watching this video…

This is a member of Congress – whose party is in the minority, mind you – suggesting that she and some of her pals should write up a few presidential executive orders to make them look like legislation and then send them on to President Obama for him to turn them into federal policy.

Which would constitute a tiny cabal of out-of-power Marxists in the House of Representatives dreaming up legislation and bypassing established legislative process not just in the House but in the Senate as well to “pass” it.

Naturally, this isn’t going to happen. Even Obama won’t put himself in the position of carrying out the whims and dreams of Sheila Jackson Lee and Hank Johnson; in the event Obama was favorable toward doing so his advisors would surely pull him back from that ledge. And furthermore, in the event Jackson Lee is attempting to play stooge and give the Congressional Black Caucus’ imprimatur on actions being cooked up in the White House one would have to figure she would be the last person they’d look to for a fig leaf of mainstream acceptance.

But that’s not what’s unnerving here. What’s unnerving is that we have a member of the U.S. Congress – more than one, in fact, since Jackson Lee wasn’t alone in that press conference – who actually thinks it’s good politics or even remotely legal to openly advocate bastardizing the legislative process to get free swag for unemployed people, or some other constituency she claims.

This is the kind of thing which really can’t be tolerated, and frankly she ought to be censured for it. John Boehner should fire that shot across her bow and let her accuse him of racism. Bring the controversy to the public eye and blow it up to every possible extent. Let’s have the public know that Sheila Jackson Lee was out there advocating the idea that the CBC should draft legislation on its own and pass it on to Obama for enactment, and that it’s racism to slap her down for that.

At Hot Air, Allahpundit offers up a reasonable take

In reality, congressional Democrats’ despair that the GOP is set to hold the House for the foreseeable future leads to this pathetic spectacle, in which members of one branch are now working as secretaries for another to encourage it to bypass them in the legislative process. Some people used to care about this, and eventually they’ll care about it again. But not for the next three years, at least.

Time to test that theory. Let’s see if we can get people to care now.

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