VIDEO: It Had To Be Rubio Who Gave This Speech

Marco Rubio sometimes goes off the reservation and experiments with or endorses policies which aren’t very useful to the conservative movement. As a result, it’s our opinion that while he has a terrific future ahead of him he needs a bit more seasoning before anyone puts him forward as a presidential candidate – particularly not in 2016.

That said, Rubio does indeed have a terrific future ahead of him. And moments like this are why that future is terrific.

Nobody in the Senate is as articulate a spokesman for American freedom and a prosecutor of the evils of communism. And with Cuban-tutored Venezuelan socialism down the tubes as we speak (the only question at this point is what form the denouement of “Bolivarianism” as practiced in Caracas might take before the change comes), it was a perfect time for Rubio to shine on the issue. Particularly when he’d just had to listen to Iowa Senator Tom Harkin drone on and on about how marvelous Communist Cuba is.

This speech goes 14 minutes. It’s worth watching every second.

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