VIDEO: Jindal, On Baier, Continues Hammering Democrats

“We don’t have kings in this country.”

One wonders whether the people who carped at Jindal in front of the White House after he took out his flamethrower and covered the president with it knew that he’d been booked for a spot on Special Report. The effect was that Jindal had the last word in yesterday’s fight.

It was a fairly high-profile media offensive for Jindal. He started out the day with an op-ed suggesting a host of regulatory actions President Obama could take to improve the economy – with approving the Keystone XL pipeline atop the list. Then in a press event outside the White House after a meeting of several governors with Obama Jindal reiterated a few of those actions while trashing Obama for “surrendering” to a lousy economy.

And then after he was griped at to his face by Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, with a level of vitriol that was somewhat unusual even given the circumstances, Jindal went on Bret Baier’s show and said this…

Is he running for president yet? He says it’s way too soon to do that and that everybody needs to pitch in and win the 2014 midterm elections first. Jindal hasn’t done a ton for Bill Cassidy yet along those lines, though, and his poll numbers aren’t great inside Louisiana so maybe there’s a question how much good he could do for Cassidy – but it still looks like he’s working to boost his own profile rather than retake the Senate for the GOP.

In any event, what Jindal said at that press event was correct as a matter of policy. And what he said to Baier was also correct – Malloy and O’Malley and the rest of the Democrat governors out there who are having their own tenures ruined by Obama’s terrible policies and hideous economic performance and are nevertheless slavish lickspittles in supporting him have a lot to answer for.

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