Can Anybody Explain What This Insane Woman Is Talking About?

They call Nancy Pelosi “batshit crazy,” and when they do that it’s not a bit of perjorative name-calling. It’s an objective statement.

We can say this using lots of examples. Here is perhaps the most recent. Via the Washington Free Beacon today, here is Pelosi attempting to make the case that President Obama is the paragon of bipartisanship…

There are next to no Democrats who would go there. Sure, they might agree that all Republicans are evil people, and sure, they might go along with the tired “it’s Bush’s fault” narrative, but almost none of them would try to say that Obama is a non-partisan president. Such a statement is devoid of any credibility at all.

Republicans who make off-the-wall statements like this are practically chased out of Washington on the spot. Pelosi? They’re not even trying to get rid of her as the House minority leader, even though she’s done major damage to that party.

But when Harry Reid carries your standard in the Senate and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is your party’s chairman, it isn’t like you’ve got particularly high standards for your leaders to fulfill.

The rest of us can only marvel at the fact a major political party has this moonbat as a leader.

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