Kathleen Sebelius Just Showed Up In Louisiana…

…and she’s apparently going to get together with Mitch Landrieu to do a press event. This, naturally, is an opportunity for Landrieu to make a case for Medicaid expansion and in so doing set a predicate for him to run for governor next year.

Sebelius, President Obama’s ethically-challenged and duplicitous Secretary of Health and Human Services who is in charge of the disaster that is Obamacare, is here to encourage people to sign up for overpriced government-mandated health insurance by the deadline at the end of the month.

And perhaps unwittingly, to provide Rep. Bill Cassidy, who is running against Mitch’s sister for the latter’s U.S. Senate seat, with a premium messaging opportunity. Cassidy’s press release on Sebelius’ visit…

“Nearly 100,000 Louisiana families received insurance cancellation notices because of Obamacare – the law’s failures speak for themselves.  Thousands more will face Medicare cuts – a result of the President funding Obamacare on the backs of our seniors. Since Senator Landrieu says that she would vote for Obamacare again tomorrow, I wish she would attend the meeting with Secretary Sebelius and listen to Louisianans to learn about the impact of Obamacare outside of Washington D.C.” – U.S. Representative Bill Cassidy M.D.

The failed health care law that President Obama and Senator Landrieu support has undermined the health care plans of thousands of Louisianans.  From insurance cancellations to delays that cause uncertainty for small businesses, Obamacare is destroying jobs and hurting health care for seniors and middle-class families. The evidence makes this clear:

92,793 in La. face loss of health insurance policies, Baton Rouge Advocate, Jordan Blum, 1/6/14: “Nearly 93,000 Louisiana residents who are losing their health insurance plans must decide by the end of March whether to upgrade with their provider, shop on the Affordable Care Act exchanges or pay a fine.”  Based on the Obama Administration’s own numbers as of March 11, 2014, approximately over 45,000 Louisianans still remain without health insurance who had it previously.

Estimated Impact of Proposed Reductions To 2015 Medicare Advantage – Maps and Charts, Oliver Wyman AHIP Coverage, Glenn Giese and Kelly Backes, 3/11/14.  According to Oliver Wyman, 213,923 Louisianans are enrolled in Medicare Advantage and each will face cuts of $55-65 per month in their benefits.  This is due to the Medicare Advantage cuts in Obamacare and proposed cuts announced by the Department of Health and Human Services.  Additionally, the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that 26% of all Medicare beneficiaries in Louisiana are enrolled in Medicare Advantage and consequently would be impacted.  Yet the President still wants to shift funds from Medicare Advantage to pay for Obamacare.

Tracking ObamaCare: As enrollment deadline nears, law endures 28 delays and counting, FOX News, Lloyd Walker, 2/21/14: 28 delays of provisions in Obamacare have occurred since April 14, 2011, including the delay of the employer mandate, the delay of the sign-up deadline, the delay of insurance plans being required to cover those with pre-existing conditions and the delay of out-of-pocket caps.  This has caused uncertainty for small businesses and has hindered private-sector job creation, which Dr. Cassidy highlighted during the State of the Union address with small business owner Larry Katz.

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