CAP BLACK: A T-Shirt For White Liberals In The Hood!

The solution to violent crime plaguing liberal White folks colonizing the Hood is:

Wear t-shirts declaring, ” Don’t Shoot- I Voted For Obama!, ” so chocolate Klansmen ( my nickname for hoods in the Hood ) won’t harm you!

All jokes aside, it underscores the fatal folly of moving to areas whose criminals blame White folks for EVERYTHING!

Ever notice how peers who’re talking heads and progressive donors ” help ” the Hood long range, from distant suburbs to gated communities?

Liberalism can only go so far before self-preservation kicks in!

Chocolate Klansmen aren’t swayed by how often you chant about hating Republicans nor forests of weed smoked with would-be scouts or even potential assailants, hoping to be granted a ghetto pass from harm.

When it’s time, they’ll happily deprive White liberals of property, dignity and even life itself as a felonious form of wealth redistribution.

Take it from a brutally honest brother; ditch rose-colored glasses and take a hike to a safer side of town.

Otherwise, since you’re pacifists in a war zone, keep your, ” Don’t Shoot- I Voted For Obama! ” t-shirt handy and your hands held high!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black The Hood Conservative is an anti crime activist & Project 21 member in New Orleans.

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