Low Popahirum, National Edition (4-16-14)

“A Republican congressman has introduced a bill that would stop government paychecks for officials who have been found in contempt of Congress — a move that seems designed in the short term to go after Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.” – Washington Times

Of course the law is against Cliven Bundy. How could it be otherwise? The law was against Mohandas Gandhi, too, when he was tried for sedition; Mr. Gandhi himself habitually was among the first to acknowledge that fact, refusing to offer a defense in his sedition case and arguing that the judge had no choice but to resign, in protest of the perfectly legal injustice unfolding in his courtroom, or to sentence him to the harshest sentence possible, there being no extenuating circumstances for Mr. Gandhi’s intentional violation of the law. Henry David Thoreau was happy to spend his time in jail, knowing that the law was against him, whatever side justice was on.” – Kevin Williamson/National Review

“Business owners who have fled California often say their decision to leave wasn’t just about tax rates, but about the punitive attitudes sometimes found among tax and regulatory authorities here. A new wrinkle in a high-profile, 22-year-old tax case gives fodder to those who make such claims.” – Reason

“Actually, it’s difficult to choose whether to start with the first paragraph or the last paragraph in this New York Times report on Michael Bloomberg’s latest project. The first paragraph covers Bloomberg’s ongoing efforts to pass gun-control legislation after the failure of his Mayors Against Illegal Guns to move the needle at all on his agenda. Besides, several of the mayors walked out after it became obvious that Bloomberg opposed a lot more than just illegal guns … which are, of course, already illegal.” – Hot Air

“The Export-Import Bank, the darling of K Street lobbyists, is up for reauthorization and there are encouraging signs that House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling just might have his way and let it die.” – RedState

America is engaged in a civil war — thank God, a nonviolent one, but a civil war nonetheless. We are as divided now as we were during the Civil War. The issue then was slavery — a huge moral divide, of course. But today, the country is divided by opposite views on morality, politics, society, religion, the individual, and the very nature of America.” – Dennis Prager/National Review

“Now, Pence is in his second year as governor of Indiana, and some of the very same Republicans who once thought of the former radio talk-show host as their voice on the U.S. House floor want him in the 2016 Republican presidential contest.” – Bloomberg

“Despite the rocky rollout of HealthCare.gov and her decision to leave President Obama’s cabinet next month, Democrats are urging Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to run for a Senate seat in Kansas against her old friend, Republican Sen. Pat Roberts, The New York Times said.” – Washington Times

“I heard Kathleen Sebelius tried to file to run for Senate in Kansas but the website was down. The KC Star is reporting that KS Secretary of State Kris Kobach has extended the filing dead line to run for US Senate for 3 months. President Obama has granted a waiver to Kansas Democrat candidates for US Senate. They now will not be required to comply with Kansas election laws until 2015.” – The KansasCitian

“I think the people who support common core out of good intentions do not realize the bad side of common core. Beyond the emotional arguments, the philosophical arguments, and the crazy arguments — there are a lot of crazy arguments against common core — there is a very practical argument the common core supporters have no answer for.” – Erick Erickson/RedState

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