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Atheism is the ultimate incitement leading humans to be selfish. It holds its adherents in a delusional state where reality is contorted leaving them open to the acceptance of being a part of producing pain, suffering and death without remorse. It supplants a normal compassionate conscience with one that is in a state of unease if certain ‘givens’ are not adhered to, no matter what the consequences.

Its ever-present promises of only worldly and no other rewards are messages of delight for easy and uncritical ears. They sooth the troubling thoughts and wrinkled logic of the faithful by the ample supply of absolution from responsibility for supporting ghastly deeds perpetrated against those arbitrarily selected to be sinners.

The delight at thoughts of bliss forever immortalized “in the moment”, capture the atheist mind, enslaving it to do the bidding of whatever is decreed. These induced selfish desires and terrors bind the faithful to an antiquated code, not produced by reason, but by ignorant men from an ignorant age.

So great has atheist selfishness been down through a long evolutionary path that we have become genetically primed to ‘believe’ any supernatural message our culture teaches can’t be right or correct. Our selfish delusion nullifies the vastly differing cultural practices of past and present times by simply stating they were and are wrong. Our delusion offers no proof whatsoever on this point; rather it luxuriates in convenient and purposed rhetoric.

The selfish feelings of personal salvation by the individual atheist, is the foundation of much of the injustice that is now present and has visited the planet.

The selfishness is so great and so disguised by delusion, that each and every society not only sanctions the indoctrination of its children with the unproven, it heavily promotes it as being truthful. Young defenceless minds succumb, to greater and lesser degrees, and forever more view existence through distorted thinking.

Because of the profound and long-term effects on the human mind, this type of brainwashing can only be described as child abuse of the worst kind. Will those that have been so abused, and are now the abusers, (a common result) ever wake up to this irreducible fact.


The beginning of this column was inspired by a statement offered by David Nicholls of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc. In reality this column’s beginning is no more than Nicholls’ belief copied, pasted and having the word RELIGION replaced with the word ATHEISM and a few other words added. It’s a cheap way to write a column but it’s only required you give credit to the original writer to strike the balance between research and plagiarism and I don’t want anybody saying I got Nicholls” words wrong before I insinuated mine. The platform of his beliefs is what I sought to controvert.

Religion isn’t something I believe in. This is because Religion to me (and I ask nobody to ascribe to my theories) is designed to bring people closer and in that sense of congregation quantify and multiply the possibly psychic power of prayer offered to a deity. In other words we congregate to pray and raise a louder voice to our personal god with people of the same belief. I believe I need no congregation for my God to hear my prayer. In a sense of appreciating the elements of Oriental Yin and Yan in which we recognize all things must balance in this world and any other; I say anything an atheist can say to me is exactly replicable and can be thrown back at them as being a “truth” as they call it. I ask only that you respect my right to express my faith in my own manner)

The main thing I don’t understand is this: if I’m willing for you to express your belief in disbelief, why is it so important you evangelize your theories and why must you waste your time trying to change my value system to yours? Why must you try to destroy my happiness and joy I find in my faith? Is it just because you have NO faith in anything beyond yourself and others like you? Is all of this done so you’ll have companions to express their admiration for you because they’re as egotistical as you?

It must be lonely to have no direction you can turn in times of trial and travail to see, understand and appreciate there is something in this existence greater than you are. It must be terrible to feel so all alone when you’re not near others to explain the logic of your failing system as it degenerates toward the ultimate mystery. It must be lonely in recognizing there’s no hope for you to call out and find any kind of solace beyond what you know and understand in your stunted and egotistical self.

That must suck.

Atheists, for some convoluted reason, believe they are more intelligent than us because they have command of LOGIC. Because they can see the stars they logically assume it was all created as a result of a “Big Bang”. This is the way they explain everything. I’d say that’s great but, I have a couple of logical questions I require answers to before I’ll accept the over-arching “logical” statements of atheists.

Number 1: how do you bring together “nothing”, compress it over limitless millennia, ignite the compressed “nothing” and explode it outward to begin the Universe and thus, become “something”? You cannot retreat to your pat answer of “well, we just don’t know how that happened exactly.”

”And Number two: “Who lit the fuze?”

I’d suggest until you can answer these questions, you atheists should cease the evangelical pursuit of proselytizing my beliefs and look to the “logic” of your own.

Thank you. God Bless you and all other atheists. Now shut-up, stay out of my face and go in peace. Have a nice day!

Thanks for listening.

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