The Growing French Backlash Against Militant Islam

An interesting report from CBN News over the weekend, and it shows something which will become an increasing phenomenon across Europe – as the Muslim conquest of Western Europe at the invitation of left-wing politicians seeking to benefit electorally from Third World immigration continues apace, a grassroots movement is taking hold to oppose the violence and intimidation those immigrants increasingly perpetrate on the population.

Some of this problem is the very socialism which is being enabled by all the Third World immigration in countries like France, the UK, Sweden and Holland. When you rob people of economic freedom and the ability to get ahead in the world, they’re going to retreat into a collective mindset.

And that collective mindset always devolves into tribalism of some sort. The Muslims are already there, but now you’re seeing the native Europeans reclaim it.

Which, of course, is hardly new. Fascism and communism are tribalism of an economic variety, and all the “soak the rich” policies of Eurosocialists like Francois Hollande are nothing more than appeals to that. But ethnic tribalism has a long tradition in Europe, and you can bet that’s what’s coming.

The standard wisdom is that the Muslims will take over Western Europe because the native culture is too weak to survive, watered down as it has been through multiculturalism and political correctness. That wisdom is wrong. Native Europeans won’t lose their countries without a fight. But that fight is going to be bloody and ugly, and you’re going to see the nice-guy politics of the Eurozone that have persisted in the postwar, Pax Americana era devolve into something else. That’s quite obvious in the CBN report.

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