SARGE: Equality, But Only Within Class

Everything comes to rest in layers. Everything, when disturbed by the fluidic element of political action, stratifies upon settling. To stratify means to form layers. In sociology it means arranging, in a hierarchical order, especially according to graded status levels. If you look at any presidential administration and you see the stratified structure of a pyramid with the president at the top and the people at the bottom. The same can be said for any society.

Obama’s Pharaonic Administration is no different than any other political hierarchy. But, now, the pyramid is being affected by the winds of change. It weathers in the breezes borne of citizen discontent. It wears steadily and crumbles before the gusts of disapproval for the lies told and the apparently approved of duplicity known as acceptable administrative conduct. Though appearing solid, it’s crumbles under the pummeling nature of criticism and the weight of their own lies.

Politics is a fluid operation. It moves with a force not really appreciated until you look at what’s been happening since the 1850s.

Marx started the change by injecting a substantial amount of theory into what was once a practical field: politics. He injected the statement all people weren’t equal and the many were oppressed by the few. He said there was a deliberate stunting of the gene pool. He believed this could be resolved by the people rising up, overthrowing their “masters” and living happily ever after with hands firmly grasped and the lilt of Kumbaya singing in the distance at the end of the day.

Marx missed one thing: man is not only a social creature; he’s an ambitious one as well. Because of this ambition and drive to excel and advance, man is NOT specifically a being may be placed in harness with others for the betterment of the team; man wants to be the team leader and not merely the rest on which the whip’s lash may strike. This has led to battle after battle, not for the creation and advancement of the proletariat (the class of industrial wage earners, who don’t possess capital or property and must sell their labor to survive; although that’s the claim and thus, the lie) but for the creation of the almighty state necessary to control the workers. This in itself is a pursuit of slavery in the name of equality.

This thinking progressed to 1917 when the Bolshevik Revolution overthrew the Czar. The Czar (and his family) was assassinated. Lenin and his cronies established the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in the name of freeing the proletariat yet allowed the state to enslave the very same workers under the regime inherited by Joseph Stalin. Marxism subjugated these people, bound and shackled them to the state and allowed Stalin to climb to the top of his pyramid.

All over the world: in North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and other countries applying the yoke of tyrannical state domination we see there’s a repetitive nature to the growth of socialism and communism. Socialism and Communism are ways to assure the equality of the people at the base of the pyramid, the place where the weight of production is spread across the lower classes to supply the goods and services enjoyed by the upper classes doing less. The main difference between the two classes is in socialism there’s no chance to ascend into the upper-class. Each class is equal only within that class. You can’t rise. You can only fall or remain stagnant in the glut of humanity accepting the lie shackles them to their yoke.

And this is what wealthy liberals and progressives want for you; to be equal in your class. They don’t want you to exercise your ambition and rise above your assigned station to rub shoulders with them. If you haven’t got a college education they consider you inferior to those who do. If you don’t have extensive wealth they quantify their eminence over you by the position of the decimal points in their accumulated net worth statements.

There’s an old statement fits this problem. “The cream always rises to the top.” This is true; but there’s a corollary to be noted: “If you don’t skim that cream, it sours, molders and curdles to spoil all in the bottle.”

And that’s what’s happening with the Progressive-Liberal movement’s intent to equalize all members of the Middle-Class (worker class) in America today.

Thanks for listening.

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