Things Which Must Be Understood

It needs to be understood that the underlying question behind the Louie Gohmert/Eric Holder “you don’t want to go there, buddy” confrontation was that Gohmert asked – as he has asked for three solid years – for DOJ to turn over evidence from the Holy Land Foundation terror-financing trial which implicates CAIR as a co-conspirator in funding HAMAS.

Here’s is Gohmert on Megyn Kelly’s show last night explaining, as best he can within the confines of a short segment, the background behind his request of Holder.

Eric Holder has been defying Congress and keeping information from the public about CAIR’s involvement in supporting terrorism, and he has been doing that for three years. In fact, it’s even worse than that – Eric Holder has scuttled prosecutions of Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR for terror financing.

And when he is confronted – fairly politely, as it happens – about his protection of CAIR’s reputation (such as it is) against the public gaining a full understanding of just how dirty they are, he rushes off to Al Sharpton’s little RICO-tastic confab to whine about how the white racist Republicans at that House committee are abusing him because of the color of his skin.

That’s what was going on there. That’s why Holder howled like he did.

You can probably make a rule out of recent history, and the rule is this: when a black Democrat public official howls about racism, it’s usually to cover his ass when he’s about to be busted wide open for something he’s done wrong that has absolutely zero to do with his ethnicity.

That rule unquestionably applies to Rep. Elijah Cummings, who has played the race card incessantly as the House Oversight Committee has sought to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal. Yesterday it surfaced that Cummings was trading e-mails with Lois Lerner in an effort to prompt the IRS to persecute True The Vote, the Texas-based election-integrity organization which seeks to combat voter fraud. According to Cummings and lots of other people who look and sound like him, if you’re concerned about voter fraud you must be a racist.

You’ll hear Cummings scream racism a lot over the next week as the fallout descends from the disclosure that he was one of the main players behind IRS persecution of conservative groups.

Something else that must be understood: the IRS was leaking confidential tax information regarding conservative groups and their donors, most notably the National Organization for Marriage. Lois Lerner was emailing tax information files from her IRS email account to her personal account and back again at the time those leaks were occurring. Where those files were going after they hit her personal account is a fascinating question, but it is beyond any debate that for her to take personal possession of confidential tax information is a gross violation of the law.

This woman was using her position at the IRS to put people like Brendan Eich in position to lose his job.

I’m not saying Eich’s situation came from Lois Lerner. What I am saying is that at some point it’s damned likely another Brendan Eich will have his life turned upside down because of what she’s done.

And Lois Lerner, as filthy-dirty guilty as she is, is a PEON where this scandal is concerned. The head of the IRS went to the White House well over 100 times when this was going on, and he can’t account for any of that time other than to make stupid wisecracks about the White House Easter Egg hunt. I guess we’re supposed to believe he was helping Obama with his brackets.

The federal government has never, ever been more corrupt, abusive and dangerous than it is right now. We’re seeing history unfold before our very eyes.

I don’t care what you think of the Republicans, and particularly the leadership. I have lots of problems with them myself. But recognize that Republican control of the Senate is absolutely the ONLY HOPE we have of arresting this country’s accelerating slide into lawlessness and tyranny. We have to take as much power away from the criminal syndicate called the Democrat Party as possible, and then we have to demand from the GOP that they roll back the size and scope of the federal government rather than attempt to manage it better.

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