SARGE: From Distancing To Disengaging

Synonyms for distance: coldness, aloofness, detachment, reserve, remoteness, space, expanse, void, vastness, gap, dissociate, separate, detach, avoid

Synonyms for disengage: undo, unfasten, untie, uncouple, free, extricate, separate

The above describes Obama in all ways, shapes, forms and realities as it applies to his feelings toward the American people and America in general. To say he is a person operative on a self-satisfying level is obvious. To say he displays a specific coldness to the people placed him in office is apparent. To say he is aloof to the pain suffered by those having lost loved ones to terrorists and assassins really goes without the need to say it.

Obama thinks he’s an orator of the highest acclaim. He is erudite or scholarly in his presentation but the facts indicate the polish is no more than a luster buffed to an intense glow emanating from an alloy and not any precious metal. He’s highly polished brass seeking to be seen as gold. Obama’s credentials are unverifiable. His curriculum vitae have none of the vitality of certification borne of inspection and accreditation. He’s got a shadowy past and is now displaying a certain rustiness in the coat of arms fashioned for him by people schooled in how to make armor but having never made any before they constructed his.

In all manners of personal accountability Obama is detached and operates from a cool reserve assuring he doesn’t get too close to ANY issue lest he be forced to show the actual conviction he stands firmly for something. It would destroy his advertised “truth” and plausible deniability. It would mean he couldn’t sculpt the truth to avoid facts making him look less like the modern god he thinks he is.

Obama’s remoteness is evident in his avoidance of unpleasant issues all Americans face. We have bills. His way is paid by us; so much so his vacations for him and his family totals into the billions of dollars. He’s created a void between us and our government by refusing to work with our representatives; not just those of his parent party. He was elected to represent the United States of America and every one of its citizens, not just those agreeing with him after he lies and schemes to shape a landscape covering a landfill. The bill will be paid by our kids when the toxins in that dump leach into the aquifer they need to sustain their lives.

Just look at the consequences to come from the Affordable Care Act.

Obama has always dissociated himself from us lesser beings. He holds an imperious attitude toward our trials. He says “look at the sky and how clearly blue it is; while he leads us into political minefield after minefield endangering us with every inaction he’s now so famous for participating in. Obama is thoroughly detached and removed from our realities as he’s always been supported by others: first his mother, then his grandparents, then the elite liberal establishment subsidizing his education and then lauding his every word as though he really knew what he was advocating.

Were you permitted to attend Harvard and edit the Harvard Law Review based solely on political acumen and without a substantive resume’ bolstering your claims of qualification to do so? Were you elected to congress and the Senate based solely on your race? Were you elected president on no more than a catch-phrase of “hope and change” and little else where creditable experience showed the callowness of your life experience and political knowledge?

The sense of detachment and avoidance of the knowledge of what the American people need to experience economic growth and establish fiscal responsibility is a hallmark of Obama’s. He regularly enacts Executive privilege looking to establish something he feels is good but conceals unforeseen consequences could affect America for generations. He’s so far and away from the thoughts, thinking and understandings of the American people as to seem separate and apart from reality.

Obama sought to undo the American dream with every action he saw would uncouple America from her strengths. He’s regularly present at photo-ops flashing his vibrant smile shouting silently “LOOK AT ME”; “don’t look at what I’m doing!”

As he extricates himself from the present he separates and unbinds us from a decent future.

Shame on him, and us, for allowing it to happen.

Thanks for listening.

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