SARGE: Mind Your Own Paper!

As a child I suffered through my education while enduring the overpowering aroma of old women’s perfume and the caustic demand to “mind your own paper”. It was insufferable then and it’s deplorable to watch politicians behave today. The fact was the teacher wanted my acceptance what she said was right and not question it.

Folks: I AM minding my own paper. That paper is the Constitution. It’s the Bill of Rights. It’s the statement of my birthright recorded on my birth certificate as a native born American. Along with that birthright come rights and privileges. Along with my rights and privileges come my responsibility and duty to do what’s right and proper according to the ethics and beliefs of people descendant from men and women sacrificed all they had, and were, to assure I can and will live in the greatest free society on the planet.

As I do “mind my own paper” I find it reprehensible to see individuals like Mississippi’s Thad Cochran using Democrat Party voters to inflate his vote count assuring he progresses in his arthritic and debilitating Senatorial career for his own good and greed for power. It’s challenging to believe in a system allows infiltration of an electoral process by proponents of the opposition simply to assure crony candidates wins. It’s like letting the fox design security for the hen house. Yes. It’s legal to allow Democrats to vote in Republican primaries in Mississippi. But, we ask; “Why do this?” It doesn’t allow for the debate of contrasting political views because votes are directed like artillery fire against the opposition. There’s no room for compromise and enhancement of the representative agent’s awareness of what his constituency wants. Only dogma makes progress. And, unfettered dogma is what’s wrong with America today. You get what the elected want you to have without any regard for you or your opinion.

Your opinion was negated by the allowance of a contradictory view overpowering your vote by the sheer force of purchased numbers. “Defending Main Street” (a center-right Super PAC) contributed over $150,000 to Mr. Cochran during the runoff, and he received $250,000 from Michael Bloomberg (the noted leftist more interested in being the power behind the throne now he’s been stripped of that seat in New York City) in the same period, according to a source close to the former New York City mayor (New York Times, 6-24-2014). These actions helped mightily in the purchase of advertising and employment of personnel to spread leaflets accusing Tea Party Activist supporters of McDaniel as racists and Klansmen in predominantly black precincts known for voting Democrat. Cochran’s acceptance of this type of campaigning shows his lack of character and his inability to win an open election on the basis of his convictions and integrity. This allowance to salt the vote for personal purposes is unethical at best and treasonous to the ideals of the people Cochran claims to represent.

Now I’ll address the idea running through the minds of those people in Mississippi: “You call this minding your own paper, Sarge?” The answer is yes I do because this is where an election has extreme effect in Washington. Cochran used a legal but arguably unethical tactic to smear Chris McDaniel and Tea Party Activists seeking greater control of government for the people. Cochran assured anybody feeling government is the domain of the rich and connected aren’t disabused of the notion. Cochran confirms you CAN’T have a say in government as long as allies like Mitch McConnell and Michael Bloomberg pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into their campaigns through faceless Super PACs designed to distance you from your right to select your government.

Mitch McConnell, John McCain are too stupid to see the continuity of conservative thought and governmental direction is now endangered by the pathetic, hardened prostatic, debilitated bladder discharge they spill on the Constitution with their weakened stream of ethical standards. After they get finished dumping on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights it’s hoped they ”mind their own paper” because to fail to do so is going to continue stinking up American politics.

Thanks for listening.

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