SARGE: Never Too Big To Fail

“SSSSSSSHHHHHHH! It’s wabbit season!” And, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is the hapless “wabbit” being stalked by Darryl Issa and his merry band of Looney Tunes © characters in the House Oversight Committee. Koskinen, the unrepentant leader of the Infernal Revenue Service (IRS) has done a bang-up job of ducking and dodging the flak sent his way by “Elmer” Issa and his cohort “Taz” Chaffetz.

I refer to these “esteemed” gentlemen in this derisive manner because the furor and their tumult are comedic. It never would have come to this state if Congress exerted its powers and “oversight” before this. Not ever has there been an effort in the Congress to rein in the power of this renegade organization more an exhibit of the biblical trials of Job than a department of effective government. For years Congress has allowed the IRS to beat citizens down until turnips bled and rocks hemorrhaged.

Koskinen is a governmental hack, Obama’s David sent to stand against the Goliath government has become. Obama and those before him (specifically Richard Nixon) have used the IRS as their bully to conduct their vengeance upon those who displease them. Anybody over the age of 21 years knows the dangers accompany the issuance of any tax form beyond a 1040EZ. You immediately step into the cross-hairs of the local IRS establishment because they look for errors whether innocent or not and punish without anybody overseeing whether they’re correct or not. You can go to the IRS, have them do your taxes, and if they’re done wrong YOU get hammered with fines, fees and interest.

Their indictment is your notice of conviction. There is little recourse. The appeal goes before their people and their people decide your fate. It’s rather like going to one doctor getting a diagnosis of a life threatening disease and then getting a second opinion from his business partner. We now understand there’s a personal level of malfeasance involved because bonuses are paid to employees sucking the most plasma from the turnip.

What IRS says: goes.

But now our champions of justice, those casting the mightiest of aspersions a bureaucrat can suffer; to be called a liar, are padding more stuffing into their shirts and throwing out their chests to look indignant. Where has Congress been since Nixon? The IRS is the hammer used to break any and all come before the president without proclamations of fealty and good will. This never would have gotten this bad had Congress been doing its job; writing legislation reining in the power of the king.

Oh, I’m sorry. Is that last statement too oblique for the dumb basses in Congress to recognize what’s happening now is the same as what happened in 1774, before the Declaration of Independence? The cry of “No taxation without representation” echoes across America because what claims to be representative of the people is really a sham directed by an oligarchical manifestation known as the Political Class. This class is populated NOT by people representative of the middle-class but those wealthy enough to attract the money necessary to wage campaigns against the intelligence of the people they only pay lip-service toward.

Now, as we approach the political season of our discontent, everybody in Congress is upset and showing it in front of the media cameras at every opportunity. Their discontent is evident in their chiseled features, the strength of their jutting jaws and glaze covering their eyes refused to see what they’re responsible for letting get out of hand this badly. But, they’re doing a great job of looking like they give a damn when we really know they only want to stay in office.

Congress is trying to deflect attention from the reality it’s they who’ve failed us. It’s easy to say “Obama did it!” The fact is the Congress let him and his predecessors do it while doing nothing to protect Americans from this bureaucratic nightmare.

Koskinen is no more than a symptom of the disease proving a government too big can fail like any other. You’ll notice everybody’s holding hearings before the media and nobody’s writing legislation to stop this crap.

Thanks for listening.

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