SARGE: No, He Won’t Be Impeached

People ask me: “is it true the Congress is going to impeach Obama?” The answer is always “No.” And, the reasons are easy to understand.

Obama will not be impeached because his cronies control the Senate. There’s a greater chance of buying an ice cream cone in Hell than there is in getting the Senate to initiate an action of such monumental stature that would surely impact EVERY person in America because of the fall-out from this act.

The Republicans may take over the Senate in the mid-term elections. But it’s unlikely they’ll enjoy a staggering majority of turn-over that would get them to the 67 votes required to convict on an impeachment. “Staggering majority of turn-over” is defined as gaining anywhere from ten to fifteen hard-core conservatives who’ll unflinchingly stand their ground under the onslaught of public opinion pushed to frame them as “racists”, “ideologues” and “partisan political assassins”. It’s more likely the Republicans will gain sufficient seats to have a small majority but by no means will it indicate a ground swell of support for the action.

Charges are written in the House of Representatives. There are too many “personally partisan politicians” to allow anything this important to go unchallenged. They won’t jeopardize their positions and power to benefit Americans as long as theirs is endangered. They’ll take care of themselves and each other first.

Republicans can be best described as the right wing of the Progressive Movement in America. It’s likely shape-shifters will balance on the political fence they straddle like vultures watching road kill.  Only when they think they can appear as leaders do they take a loud but uninvolved action by issuing vacuous speeches and empty rhetoric. Then, the more feckless of the group will step across the line and vote to acquit “to save the nation”.

Secondly, there’d be a nuclear explosion of American society as accusations of racism erupted across the land. It doesn’t matter a whit the man’s actions could be described as “high crimes and misdemeanors” by some; there’ll be millions seeing it as the expression of ideological differences instituted to benefit those thinking they’re downtrodden because of their race, creed or national origin. It doesn’t matter his actions are viewed by many as unguided, illogical and ineffective when they’re not totally ineffectual and specifically incompetent in the matter of domestic and foreign policy; they WOULD rise up and threaten the power structure: the Congress and Senate. That’s NOT something the entrenched plutocratic political class can allow to happen. Just because a man is incompetent is not enough to allow sectarian, racial, progressive elements from trying to overthrow the national structure in favor of a socialist regime and construct.

Third; it would be an exercise in futility on several levels. For a dedicated period of time government in America would stall. It would lay deader than a three-legged possum in the fast lane. There’d be NO legislation passed. There’d be NO forward movement on economic reforms. There’d be NO more than hundreds of minor politicos, major agents-provocateur like Sharpton, Jackson and any of the MSNBC clowns seeking to garner audience shares and turn sound bites into ratings while the drama of a Presidential Impeachment captures the press’ attention across the globe. With this, the prestige and strength of America’s position would wither like a sun-parched plant in the heat. The agents of harm would broadcast and pronounce and tear and rip at America’s exposed entrails until a stronger force like the virus they represent can take over the weakened soul of this great nation.

That would be on the domestic edge of this problem. It doesn’t even speak to the issue of carrion-eaters like Communist China and Russia circling the debilitated and destabilized David having been stabbed in the back by insurgents at the rear echelon.

You could impeach a Bill Clinton because he’s a perjurer and a liar before Congress. Obama is worse. He’s an ideologue set firmly on the path of changing America to something he believes in from a position as the “leader of the free world”. Unfortunately, being a socialist ideologue IS NOT a “high crime, treasonous or a massive display of misdemeanors” committed against the American people.

It’s merely politics being practiced as is usual in this day and age. And as long as Americans are disengaged; expecting legislators they don’t correspond with regularly to do their bidding, it’ll never get better.

So, don’t hold your breath expecting an impeachment. There’s nobody in Congress will allow it to happen.

Thanks for listening.

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