SARGE: Of Egotists And Megalomaniacs

John Boehner may have actually awakened from his scotch and cigarette induced coma and come up with a good idea. He may sue Obama for his over-reach and more than over-used Executive Orders mandating and violating the system of “checks and balances” American government is noted for internationally.

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said: “The president has a clear record of ignoring the American people’s elected representatives and exceeding his constitutional authority, which has dangerous implications for both our system of government and our economy…..the House has passed legislation to address this, but it has gone nowhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate, so we are examining other options.”                                                       (“Roll Call “218” 6-25-2014)

It’s amazing it took Boehner this long to recognize the controversy needs to be settled before the Supreme Court. While good old “Yankee Common Sense” says there are three separate and equal divisions of government, Boehner , McConnell and their predecessors have allowed the conduct of  government to be usurped by vain and egotistical colleagues to get away with this because they want to be on the winning side as history is written. Many also believe they can assume the mantle sullied by Obama.

Obama saying he has this power of “Executive Privilege” is akin to my claiming I (as a deputy sheriff) had State Police powers because I took over the site of a roadblock they once manned. It ain’t necessarily so. The fact I do the job is empowered by extant Constitutional law and not my interpretation of it solely. I can’t re-write the law to make me more powerful than my job description simply because it pleases me.

The Legislature, Executive and Supreme Court were meant to balance on a small point at the head of the scale so the Executive could have the effect of enforcing equilibrium between the houses. When the Executive as a base is tilted to overtly and prejudicially affect the powers of the players one way or the other, the law must be placed on a firmly and recognizably level surface. Obama has twisted the base of law to adversely and prejudicially allow himself dominion over the Legislative and the people the legislators allegedly represent. This means the Executive was meant to be the enforcement arm of the legislature and when the legislature was challenged as to the constitutional propriety of any law passed by the Congress, the enforcement arm of the Supreme Court.

While the Executive was granted specific powers to act in cases of immediate threat to the nation, it was only later when more and more power was taken unto the presidency in order to conduct/direct foreign policy and diplomacy. Certain laws were passed and enacted before and during Obama’s administration and he isn’t the only incumbent to claim more power than he apparently was entitled to, but Obama has acted in concert with his partisan colleagues to denude the American people of their right to govern. This is indicated by the House of Representatives’ inability to place legislation before the entire Senate without Harry Reid unilaterally REFUSING to place such law on the docket. This is indicative of Alinsky’s Principle you should use the opposition’s greatest strength, in this case Constitutional Law, against him. Where there is no law specifically denying Obama Executive Power, he unilaterally proclaims it’s his right to make it so.

Obama forgets the primary architectural design of American governmental administration placed the people as the foundation of America. For years, as the American people chafed under the uneven handed administration of a King and Parliament they had no say in, men of letters debated and legislated laws to assure neither the legislators themselves nor any incumbent president could personally assume unrestricted power over the land and its people by Executive or Imperial Fiat. Obama has made it clear he’ll abrogate the rights of the people any time he feels they (and their congressional representatives) disagree with his fiat or edict. Obama has shown he believes he is the moral, educational and executive equivalent or Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln and FDR.

America was meant to be run by Americans; plural, not by egotists and megalomaniacs.

Thanks for listening.

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