CASSIDY: Can We Abolish The IRS Now?

The most recent news about the “lost” IRS e-mails isn’t surprising; it’s absurd. The IRS is a huge, political bureaucracy, with a massive federal budget, that has almost no accountability to the American people.

Over a year ago, when the first news of the IRS scandal first started to break, I knew that there was more to this story. The people at the IRS were so brazen in their attitude about this abuse of power that I was sure there was more to the story than Democrats wanted us to know.

As bad as this current scandal is, I’m even more concerned that the IRS is empowered by law to enforce Obamacare, another government-run disaster.

I’m glad that Congressman Issa is leading the fight to get to the bottom of what’s going on. However, I believe that the IRS is so broken that a band-aid will not fix the problem. That’s why I called for IRS to be totally abolished. We should dismantle the IRS and replace it with something that is smaller, non-partisan, and not empowered to enforce Obamacare.

My opponent, Senator Landrieu, has a very different perspective on the IRS. In fact, she’s taken thousands of dollars in donations from the union that represents IRS employees.

Senator Landrieu doesn’t understand that Louisiana families are taxed too much and want the federal government out of their daily lives.

Join my team to learn more about what I’m doing to combat the problems at the IRS.


Bill Cassidy

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