AND MORE: Delgado Accuses Political Opponents Of Trying To Impose “Christian Version Of Sharia Law”

We didn’t catch it during the Baton Rouge Metro Council meeting tonight amid the debate over the gay-rights “Fairness Ordinance” that was endlessly debated before Councilman John Delgado filibustered it and denied the council a vote on the matter, but when we asked Delgado about it afterwards on Facebook, here’s what resulted…

You can decide for yourself if we’re wrong in thinking an elected official who says people who have religious objections to a bill that would provide a legal cause of action for those who allege they’ve been discriminated against on the basis of their sexual preferences are trying to “impose a Christian version of Sharia Law” on the community. We’d say that it’s a bit tough to make that case when the opponents of the bill are trying to preserve current law, which means the folks trying to impose something are the ones in favor of the ordinance.

Of course, this isn’t new for Delgado. He called the organizers of the St. George petition drive “Taliban” earlier this year, which got him in some trouble – and he refused to apologize for that. So the chances of his apologizing for this aren’t the best. But while the St. George people are a relatively fledgling bunch, the Christian community in Baton Rouge and elsewhere most certainly are not. There were some 75 churches represented at tonight’s Metro Council meeting in opposition to the measure, and they are not going to take kindly to being characterized in such a fashion. This could become a very serious problem for Delgado.

If nothing else, we may have resolved the question of who the “divisive” elements in Baton Rouge politics might be.



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