If Y’all Can Get Through This Whole Thing, You Get A Prize

Zactly what it’ll be, I dunno. I’ll come up with somethin’. Maybe a year’s supply of crab grass, or one of those collectible Elvis plates.

Or maybe a free trip to go see Ray Nagin at Oakdale. That prize’ll be valid for ten years!

Anyhow, this is Russell Brand on YouTube givin’ a response to Lenar Whitney’s video callin’ global warmin’ a hoax.

It ain’t the most intellectual presentation you’re gonna see.

MacAoidh said he made it to about two and a half minutes in. I got about four minutes in. My cousin T-Bone said he saw the whole thing, but his wife Clotilde said that’s not really true; he stroked out part of the way through it.

But y’all are welcome to give it a shot and see how far you can make it.

Yeah, yeah. The stupid! It BURNS!

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