Jindal: ‘President Helped Create Southern Border Crisis’

As tens of thousands of illegal, undocumented immigrants flood the southern border from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, Gov. Bobby Jindal is saying that President Obama played a role in helping create the mass chaos.

In an interview with TIME, Jindal said Obama needs to take a look in the mirror instead of blaming everyone around him for the crisis that has become the southern border, which the president will not be visiting.

I think the president has played a role in helping to create the crisis we see on the southern border. It’s time for him to secure the border. I know he keeps looking for people to blame. He has to look in the mirror. The reality of it is this, we don’t need 1,000-page bills, right now we need to secure the border.

Jindal said that Obama is often looked at by conservatives as being the most “theological” and “liberal” president. However, he argues that while this is true, incompetence within the Obama administration plays a huge role, citing the Veterans Affairs scandal, the IRS scandal, the release of five Gitmo prisoners and now with the southern border crisis.

It’s time for him to secure the border, but I think this is also telling in that it goes to the competence of the administration. And I think that’s something that we’ve seen in Louisiana for a while. We saw it especially during the oil spill, the explosion in 2010. We saw the incompetence there. I think the rest of the country is seeing what we saw back then.

Also in the interview, Jindal said he is of course considering a run for president in 2016, but that he “won’t make a decision until certainly after November.” 

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