SARGE: The Lion That Roared

Now that Russian elements have shot down a Malaysian Airliner and the Malaysians actually KNOW where the wreckage is, the obvious comparisons between Obama’s and Reagan’s reactions to the crime have come to the fore. This is a regular activity for pundits and just plain dumb-spits to allow them to gain time to develop a real argument as to how Obama should act under fire. Problem is Obama has never seen a problem couldn’t be handled on the 19th Tee.

Where Reagan cancelled his vacation in California when Korean Air 007 was shot down by Russian MIG fighters, Obama is trying to find his way to the bathroom. His minions are trying to figure out how to make us believe we live in a state of “global tranquility.

Good luck with that.

As I see it there are two major problems with comparing Reagan’s and Obama’s principled reactions under stress. Number one: Reagan had principles. Obama has none apparently. Number two: see number one.

Reagan was an experienced and ethically based man having been born at the edge of the First World War and survived the Second World War. Because of this he saw first-hand the dangers of despotism and uncontrolled isolationism before the actual shooting started. He understood denying the course of unjust activities only led to the establishment of unjust societies and the enslavement of people and nations. Foreign policy was a subject endured and not ever fantasized about because the stakes were too high. Reagan lived by a set of values placed into his consciousness by pioneer stock familiar with the battles fought by American citizens to establish, anchor and enjoy the pursuit of life, liberty and pursued the happiness of successes and the pain of failures. But the pursuits were real and grounded in time tested American ideals and not theories adopted from foreign theorists.

Obama doesn’t share that history. He shows no actual knowledge of American values. He believes in what he’s studied and learned at the knee of Marxists, Socialists and Communists in his own family. He lived almost exclusively (in his childhood) far and away from the historical centers of American industry, political and historical endeavors. He was educated in Indonesia in a Muslim Madrasa. He returned to America with his understanding of the world built, and shaped, by people having no great love for America as it was, is or potentially will become. Obama was taught the appearance of government was more important than the actual proficiency of government’s delivery to the people.

In Reagan’s mind (at least in my mind) America was the hope for a free world. For Obama America stands in the way of a world free Marxist influences and theories already proven wrong when the Communist Bloc fell apart. The basic elements of national pride and American ingenuity and industry are meant to be replaced by a utopian Kumbaya society where everybody participates in an Orwellian nightmare impossible to thrive under.

Under Obama and his people, the equality of man is developed by the dropping of all to the lowest common denominator as opposed to elevating the best and brightest to the level of their greatest productivity. The lowered common denominator becomes a dumbed-down affectation relying on the state as opposed to a proficient, self-sufficient individual advancing in life and bringing others with him in his upward mobility as an individual. The Obamaist drone becomes no more than grist for the mill fallen to the floor to be swept away because it has no utility in its end result.

Comparing Reagan and Obama is a fool’s effort. Fresh picked apples harvested from a healthy, old and well-maintained orchard don’t compare to rotten fruit of any variety left to disintegrate in a bushel thrown into a dumpster like Socialism or worse, Communism.

None of Obama’s efforts and actions shows none of the statesmanship, work ethic or diplomatic acumen exhibited by Reagan and his colleagues. Obama would rather bow in subservience than stand in the face of an oligarch like Gorbachev and advise him of the potential consequences of his actions.

That’s because Obama has NO real life experience to draw from. He’s a paper tiger with nothing but theories written on his hide.

Reagan was a lion that roared.

Thanks for listening.



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