So, What’s It Like To Be In A Rocket Attack?

Rachel Brilleman from Tel Aviv can tell us. On Wednesday (July 16), Hamas fired a couple of rockets into Tel Aviv while Rachel was on her way to work. She documented the experience on her phone for posterity…

Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the point that if two-thirds of America had to put up with experiences like this there would be absolutely zero hesitation before whoever was responsible got hit with everything we had.

Israel waited 10 days through crap like Rachel put up with before they decided to go in, and last night they went into Gaza with airstrikes, naval bombardment and ground troops in an effort to render Hamas incapable of any more rocket attacks (at least for a while).

Egypt tried to broker a cease-fire before Israel went in, and Hamas refused it. Then the international community asked for a cease-fire in order to get humanitarian aid into Gaza. Hamas violated that cease-fire with more rockets.

Now, Israel is in Gaza in an effort to change the strategic situation there. The problem is that before long the international community will put pressure on Israel to stop short of actually doing so, and there will be images of dead Arab kids all over televisions around the world. Before long, that’s going to get the Israelis to give up and agree to a cease-fire.

Then there will be “international aid” to Gaza, which will allow Hamas to focus on re-arming with more rockets, and when they’ve stockpiled enough they’ll start this all over again. And this cycle will repeat, and repeat.

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