The Left’s Hobby Lobby Opposition

You’re going to hear lots of response this week to the Hobby Lobby decision, and what appears to be the Democrat Party’s argument is that because the Supreme Court ruled that (1) a closely-held corporation can reflect the religious beliefs of its owners and (2) if that closely-held corporation’s religious beliefs are being violated by government mandates they have the right to opt out of those mandates, this is somehow a restriction on freedom.

Yep, that’s the Left’s response.

That response takes the position that if your employer doesn’t pay for a thing – or if the government doesn’t force your employer to pay for it – then you are being denied that thing.

So in other words, I demand a gun.

I demand that my employer – or in my case, since I’m self-employed and that doesn’t work for me where this demand is concerned, the government – supply me with a gun.

And if the government does not supply me with a gun, it’s a violation of my 2nd Amendment right to have a gun.

I therefore demand an Obamagun program. After all, Mexican drug dealers can have Obamaguns, I should be able to have one.

You say you don’t believe you should be forced to pay for my Obamagun through your tax dollars? Well, that’s a #WarOnMe. You’re seeking to deny me my 2nd Amendment right – which I can’t access unless I get a free gun.

This is an uncommonly stupid argument the Left is making. It’s patently absurd, and it is made more so by the volume with which the Left screams for it.

The question for the country, which we’ll assume will be answered at least in part this fall, is whether stupid arguments like the one the Left is making against the Hobby Lobby decision and the moronic #WarOnWomen sloganeering which accompanies it, will move the public.

Because after six years of blitheringly incompetent and tyrannical government by the Left, one would expect the public to be tired of stupid arguments made by the same Democrats. But if they can return to the well one more time, trot out Sandra Fluke and the Planned Parenthood crowd and deliver boxcars full of outraged unmarried women to the polls to rage against the “five men” on the Supreme Court who denied them free abortifacient drugs mandated by the government and provided by their otherwise-unwilling employers, then we are truly in a post-constitutional America.

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