VIDEO: Does Anybody Else Have Concerns About Kip Holden’s Fitness To Continue In Office?

Here’s video of the Baton Rouge mayor-president speaking on behalf of the “Fairness Ordinance” which would create a local cause of action in East Baton Rouge Parish law (the Louisiana Constitution says all legal causes of action have to come from state law, rather than local law) on behalf of people of unusual sexuality. We’ve covered what happened (namely, nothing) on Wednesday – see more here, here and here.

But back to Kip Holden’s speech. This goes about 11 minutes and change, and it’s…perplexing.

We were told recently to watch this kind of thing because rambling, incoherent speeches are not all they’re seeing out of Holden. As in…

“There is some concern within his innermost circle that his health / drinking is interfering with his ability to make the executive decisions necessary to guide the city”

Holden has been the mayor/president of Baton Rouge for a decade now, and it’s worth arguing that whatever damage he could do he’s already done. Except that’s not completely true.

After all, it’s hurricane season.

Remember the last time a city got hit by a hurricane and the mayor wasn’t in full command of his faculties?

His name was Ray Nagin.

Thank God we’re not on the coast, but a week-long widespread power outage following a major hurricane passing through the Red Stick would require some leadership.

The guy in that video doesn’t look up to the job, as we see it. You’re welcome to decide for yourself.

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