VITTER VIDEO: Are We Standing By To Be Inundated With Illegals?

This is from last week, and it builds on something we’ve been saying – namely, that it’s just a matter of time before Louisiana becomes a depot for the Central American invasion currently affecting Texas.

We already know that President Obama isn’t going to deport the tens of thousands of Central Americans already here, or the hundreds of thousands on the way. We know that the Obama administration wants to call them “refugees,” when they are clearly not refugees in any meaningful sense of the word.

And we also know that since Louisiana is the closest neighboring state to McAllen and Brownsville, Texas, which are Ground Zero for this influx, it’s inevitable that some significant number of them begin to descend on our state.

What’s more, little or nothing can be done about it. This is a federal thing, and since Louisiana is a red state the administration isn’t interested in what our leaders have to say. They don’t even listen to Mary Landrieu, not that she has done so much as poke her head out of her shell to talk about illegal immigration in the last three months.

But that hasn’t stopped Sen. David Vitter from talking about the issue.

Immigration is an issue in Vitter’s wheelhouse, since he’s been a staunch advocate for a secure border. And what we know about Vitter is that when he sees an issue where the public is unequivocally on his side he will beat it to a pulp.

In this case, all he can really do is blow the whistle on what’s coming. He can’t stop it.



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