Worst. Ever.

Remember when Obama was runnin’ for president back in 2007 and 2008, how the Usual Suspects turned out in force with stupid songs and artwork and empty slogans? And how the rubes ate all that up and turned him into some kinda God they’d worship?

Obama was turnin’ out 70,000 dope-smokers, illegal aliens and union goons at his campaign stops and they made him a lot more of a cultural icon than a political figure. They made Obama ABOVE politics, see, so you couldn’t even really criticize him even though the guy’s background was better suited for a blacklist than the White House.

An’ naturally, the RINO dopes runnin’ McCain’s campaign team were too chicken to challenge any of that narrative until the campaign was practically over – and even then they left it to Sarah Palin to carry all the lumber on that.

It was like watchin’ somebody saw your leg off, wasn’t it?

Well, the Usual Suspects are tryin’ to finagle a repeat for 2016. They’re gonna try to come up with a new goofball they can turn into a cultural figure rather than a politician, an’ they found somebody else who went from bein’ a lefty academic to a worthless Senator with no record of achievement to work their magic on.

But while Obama at least had an outward appearance of bein’ a celebrity type – the cool demeanor, the decent-lookin’ jumper, the radical-chic friends – the new goofball doesn’t really carry it off quite as well.

Ask yourself this: does this look like somethin’ that America can get behind?

Alternative question: would you wanna live in a country where this is somethin’ the people would get behind?

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