No Strategy, And The Media Cares About The Color Of His Suit

What we saw today was quite possibly the worst performance by an American president amid a time of crisis in the modern history of the country.

Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States of America, who previously called the armies of the Muslim jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) the “junior varsity” when their black flag flew over Fallujah back in January, said today he doesn’t “have a strategy yet” for how to handle ISIS.

If this man does not have a strategy for how to deal with 20,000 Muslim jihadists who behead and enslave Christians and others who come within their sphere of influence and who threaten to engulf the entire Arab world in jihad and 7th century barbarism, then he should have no choice but to resign his post. Do not the American people pay a president for precisely such performance?

If, as an American president with all the resources of the Pentagon at your disposal, you have no strategy for how to deal with a jihadist army seeking to actually control and govern territory as a conventional force, are you not shockingly deficient in your duty? Are you not derelict in that duty?

And to announce this deficiency in such flamboyant terms. The video, from Megyn Kelly’s show…

So as Ed Henry says it’s a disaster, and he’s on his way to Westchester and Rhode Island to raise money for his pals in Congress, and amid a nation which is attempting to get its collective head around the idea that a major international crisis can fester for eight months while the president of the United States of America won’t even formulate an actual strategy for handling it the American news media…

…occupies itself with the color of Obama’s suit.

Yes, you read that correctly.

President Barack Obama held a news conference Thursday to reveal important information regarding Russia financing and arming separatists in Ukraine, migrant children in the U.S. and his strategy for defeating the Islamic State in Syria, but all eyes seemed to focus on his suit. The president addressed the press in a pale, khaki-colored suit, and the Internet exploded. 

The suit prompted a slew of headlines criticizing the president for his fashion decision. 

“President Obama Shames America by Wearing Wack-Ass Tan Suit” reads the Gawker headline. “No One Heard Anything Obama Just Said Because His Tan Suit Was So Loud” reads another from the Wire.

And the Twitterverse followed, likening his lack of a dark suit to a sign of weakness.

“Pres. Obama wearing a tan suit sends the wrong message to our allies in the region. Once again he fails to understand optics,” tweeted @Gus_802.

“Me no likey. Skin-colored suits don’t scream, ‘POWERFUL,'” tweeted@BritniDWrites.

For the record, the suit looked terrific on the man. It’s August; a tan suit is hardly inappropriate.

The reason Obama can be criticized about his suit is that the substance of his address is DISASTROUS. He’s giving a policy address worthy of the president of Niger or Bangladesh when he’s the president of the United States of America. He’s going to be criticized for the color of his suit because the mindless yobs in the media lack the testicular fortitude to call him out for his abject weakness on policy.

We are in a very, very ugly place as a country. The public is well aware of the frightening state of our national leadership, and we are less than two weeks away from September 11 when we are wide open to attack. And we have a president who admits we are in a purely reactive mode toward the worst national security threat to our country since the Cold War…while the media scrutinizes the hue of his suit.

Batten down the hatches. This ride will be scary.



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