SARGE: Due Diligence And Unexpected Consequences

Each day I awaken to the sure and present understanding of a basic law of life. For every well intentioned effort to accomplish any goal there will be Unexpected Consequences.

Years ago, when I was a cop, I was involved in a melee in a neighborhood contested for control by two families. The fight started when one young man punched an older one and twenty+ people started pummeling the doo-doo out of each other. Children were endangered and women were involved in trying to pull their male family members out of the combat and thus endangering themselves.

My compatriots and I waded into the action. During the fight I was punched very well in the face, dislodging my spectacles and knocking them under a car along with my butt prostrate on the tarmac. I was effectively blinded (or at least I couldn’t see well enough at distance to identify my prime movers of the fight). I scrambled to grab my spectacles and returned to the fray where the Law ultimately won the day. Hoorah! (Yeah, right.)

I decided I would get Radial Keratotomy or “RK” (small cuts in the corneal surface of the eye) to give me better vision without glasses. Great idea right? “Not so fast Lone Ranger” said Tonto.

I had the surgery. It worked for several years. I technically have 20/20 vision. But my right eye must be irrigated with eye drops regularly. Light is diffused through the old incisions and my vision can appear very blurred when I’m tired or in dusty, darkening surroundings. I can drive at night but on-coming headlights have brighter “starlight” flaring and I must look to the side of the road for the “fog line” to maintain my lane on the road.

Anytime you cut into the human body, you leave a scar of some depth making the area thicker and different in its ability to function. “RK” creates scar tissue of sufficient thickness to alter the amount of light allowed into the chamber of the eye and light the retina so you may appreciate the wonder of sight.

I chose to NOT explore the possible consequences of “RK” and jumped at the chance to simply see better and allow the female population of the planet a greater chance to recognize my masculine profile and fall at my feet in adulation. (It’s been over twenty-five years and I’m still waiting for that fantasy to come true. LOL)

But I digress.

I saw well and eventually made it to this point where my vision has gone a little wonkie and I have to monitor the debilitating effects of the scar tissue on my vision. Glasses and contacts don’t help. The next surgery would be a Corneal transplant and I’m not risking transplant rejection and the possibility of going completely blind.

‘Nuff’ said.

Because of this dust-up concerning Common Core and the burgeoning battle between two political dynamos, Jindal and Vitter, we’re suffering the results of one man’s failure to perform his Due Diligence; while the other isn’t recognizing the Law of Unexpected Circumstances his opponent is suffering at this moment.

Some people think I don’t like David Vitter. I do. I don’t like his shift in position on this issue. It shows inconsistency and I distrust inconsistency.

But Bobby Jindal has been consistent. He’s been consistent in ignoring the people of Louisiana and junketing all over the nation to pander to the Republican hierarchy to position himself for at least a nomination to the Vice Presidency, if not the Presidency by raising funds for the cause. He evidently is NOT aware he’s the employee of the Louisiana people and not the Republican National Committee.

Because of his pandering to the Republican Party and his nearly continual appearances before the constituency he most desperately wants as his allies (the Republican Party) Jindal failed to do his Due Diligence and accepted Common Core initially because it was politically expedient. He didn’t want to appear indecisive and in the minority of the governors slavishly accepting this operation because it was tethered to Department of Education Grants tabulated into the billions of dollars.

Now, the Law of Unexpected Consequences is being realized because he FAILED to do his Due Diligence. He failed to say: “Wait a minute. Let me look more deeply into this and find out what it’s about.” He just did what politicians do; he grabbed a chance to look like he was doing something good. Now he’s finding out once you’re entangled in the clutches of the big-government leviathan, you’ll not get away from it.

Vitter’s gone to the opposite of his earlier stance and statements. He’s activated the Law of Unexpected Circumstances with his politically motivated move to do things his way.

I wish him luck because when this basic law of political physics kicks in for him it’ll follow another basic law: Murphy’s Law. It states: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong; and at the worst possible time with the worst possible consequences.”

Don’t believe it? Look at how well life is going for Jindal (and other hapless political nitwits like Eric Cantor) right know.

Thanks for listening.

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