VIDEO: Marion Barry Doesn’t Pay His Parking Tickets

One of our favorite DC talking heads is Emily Miller, who currently works as an investigative reporter at the Fox affiliate in Washington. Before her current gig she’s had a fascinating curriculum vitae which includes jobs as a producer at ABC News, chief investigative reporter at the Washington Times, deputy press secretary for Condi Rice and Colin Powell at the State Department and press secretary for Tom DeLay.

From that short bio, you can see that Miller has been around the block in Washington for quite a while. She’s even a published author – her book Emily Gets Her Gun…But Obama Wants To Take Yours was a fairly successful review of the state of the 2nd Amendment in today’s America. And she might well be the choice to replace Elizabeth Hasselbeck as the “conservative” voice on The View.

So when Miller shows up to interview DC councilman and former crack-smoking mayor Marion Barry about his $2800 in unpaid parking tickets, his reaction, naturally, will be comic…



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