BREAKING: Tea Party Of LA Slaps Down Maness, ‘Strongly Supports’ Cassidy’s ‘Plantation’ Remarks

After Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) called out Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for running the US Senate “like a plantation,” he received backlash from Reid, Democrats and Col. Rob Maness. However, the Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) is coming out in full support for Cassidy’s non-politically correct comment.

Today, the TPoL, via spokesman Barry Hugghins, endorsed Cassidy’s comment saying that the organization “is NOT ‘fully on board’ with anyone’s ‘politically-correct scolding of Cassidy,’ and condemns such statements as ‘giving aid and comfort’ those who would destroy our Constitution and the American way of life.  We haven’t always agreed with Bill Cassidy, but we’re proud of him standing up in this instance and ‘telling it like it is,’ and we are in complete support of his ‘plantation’ remarks.”

The TPoL’s ‘condemnation’ of Cassidy critics is most likely directed towards Maness, who said immediately afterwards called the remarks “over-the-top, out-of-bounds ignorance.” But, the TPoL sure does not think so. 

“Those calling for ‘civility’ when dealing with a demagogue like Senator Reid, and those critical of the bold candor shown by Congressman Cassidy in ‘calling Senator Reid out,’ exhibit a level of naivety rivaling that of Neville Chamberlin’s foolish appeasement of Adolf Hitler,” said Hugghins. “Such misguided defenders are as dangerous as the evil they defend, because they are enablers to the architects of our nation’s destruction.”

“Our nation is in peril, and TPoL is grateful for Congressman Cassidy and his bold opposition to those, like Senator Reid and Senator Mary Landrieu, who would, by their ill-conceived plans, destroy our freedoms and cast us all back into serfdom.  TPoL urges the defeat of anyone who defends or supports Senator Harry Reid.”

The reference, according to Hugghins, to Louisiana Senate candidates as ‘Tea Party candidates,’ an unofficial title given to Maness after the Tea Party Express and Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed him, are “at best overblown.”

Hugghins said the TPoL “has not yet endorsed anyone in the senate race; neither, to the best of our knowledge, has any other Louisiana-based Tea Party Group, nor do we know of any local Tea Party group being consulted by any group outside of Louisiana about the advisability of such an endorsement.”

According to Hugghins, the claims of a ‘Tea Party’ endorsement in the high-profile Senate race have only been issued by the national Tea Party groups, which he says “has little direct connection to, and is likely completely ignorant of, Louisiana’s unique issues, people, and/or politics.”



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